A feel good story

A real-life “Doc Hollywood” (sorta story).  Virginia has an island in the Chesapeake bay that is home to a bunch of people who still speak the Queen’s English.  You have to take a ferry or fly there.  Tangier Island is home to crabbers and fisherman and other assorted good people. Only problem is, they have no doctor. So Dr. David Nichols has been flying a plane or a helicopter there once per week for the past thirty years to help with their medical needs.  Sadly, now that they are finally getting a new medical facility, he is dying of cancer.  So what? It’s still a feel-good story. He’s been blessed, and he’s helped them out too. 

Okay, mebbe this has all been a lead in to the real reason I made this post: The Julie Warner nude scene in Doc Hollywood. “You can blink now.”


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