So the NRA just called me

I was in the middle of something else, and into my second beer so I did not have my wits totally about me, so I’ll paraphrase:

[Young sounding kid, probably his first job, I’m guessing minimum wage to start, goes right into his canned spiel] “Sir, I’m so and so from the NRA and I would like to ask you a one question survey.”

[Before he could go further, I jumped in.] “First, I have a beef with the NRA.  I think the NRA sold out. [I was grasping for time, trying to remember what my beef was.]  The NRA…recently took a stand…do you know what I am talking about? [Hoping he would bail me out.]

“The NRA endorsement of Harry Reid?”

[Me, stalling for time] “Yeah.” 

[He apparently refers to a sheet of paper and reads response]  “Sir, the NRA has not taken an official position regarding the official endorsement of Harry Reid…”

[Me, remembering why I have a beef with the NRA…]  “Yeah? What about the sell out in the law that is trying to repeal the effects of ‘Citizens United’?  The NRA decided to support the new law when they got grand-fathered in so that the new law will not apply to them!” 

[Him, flustered] “Sir, let me get an answer for you about that…”

[Dead air for approximately 15 seconds.]

“Sir, the NRA has not yet taken a definitive position on that issue.” [I sensed relief in his voice, as if he thought this would pacify me.]

Me: “Well, how about when the NRA does take a position opposing the new law that seeks to nullify the ‘Citizens United’ decision, then you can call me back!?”   

Him, obviously relieved that this phone call was over: “Okay, sir, thank you.”

I SWEAR that this post is substantially 98% true, though not word for word. It just happened  10 minutes ago.

Okay, my recollection was flawed.  The NRA did not actually throw their support behind the law that is seeking to over-turn the effects of “Citizens United,” they merely agreed to remain neutral on the issue, instead of opposing it, because they got their exemption.  Their neutrality would then give cover to on the fence blue dog Democrats who could vote in favor of the law by saying, “Look! The NRA did not oppose it!” 

Hit ’em where it hurts.  In the pocketbook.

John Doe

4 responses to “So the NRA just called me

  1. By golly gee, JD…

    If memory serves I posted a comment here [or was it the Frum Forum] when the NRA pulled their, merciless punch, and actually [didn’t endorse, Harry…Hehehe!] or Ms [“I don’t give interviews to the press.”]… Angle…

    My left arse cheek…they endorsed Harry…!
    Dang funniest politically correct bon mot of the day…hehehe…

    Mon apologies…no gloating here!

  2. What happened JD…

    A little friendly email or phone call from Wayne La Pierre and you do an easy dive… with just a little “canvas burn”… like a “light weight” with a “glass jaw”…

    The “Aussie’s” have a word for it…
    Be a master of yer convictions…soldier…!

    The NRA, ain’t done nothin’ fer me or my patriotic friends and neighbors lately, except; request donations fer the retirement accounts of their officer’s and cronies…!

    Hit ‘em where it hurts. In the pocketbook…John Doe

    God luvs yah…!

  3. Gramps, occasionally you should post a comment while sober so I knows what you are saying…

  4. As a life member, I’ve called the NRA several times and stated how their own site says “there may be no other vote by a senator than their voter for a Supreme court Nominee”. And Harry Reid has a 100% FAIL (based on NRA stances on nominees) on the Supreme Court Nominees he has voted on as a senator.

    Yet the NRA NEVER mentions that record in their praise of this Reid character. The NRA even had the nerve to send me a letter supposedly signed by Wayne LaPierre stateing the glowing gun support Reid has provided in the past but the NRA NEVER mentioned his “most important votes” for judicial nominees. The NRA has become a dishonest political machine, and strayed from their stated purpose of defending the 2nd amendment above ANY political affilliation.

    I was excited when I received 2 envelopes from the NRA which said “Checks enclosed” I thought they finally agreed to buy my and my daughters life memberships back due to their breach of contract of supporting the 2nd ammendment. But they were $700 checks payable to the NRA from Wayne LaPierre, as part of a $1000 “Benefactor” membership, so for $300 more I could upgrade our “Life”Memberships. Had the NRA been supporting the 2nd amendment I would have jumped on it, but I can not support the dishonest political machine that Wayne Lapierre and company have turned the NRA into. They must be removed from office and the NRA returned to its members.

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