Should we behead liberals?

Too harsh, you say? The French beheaded their “ruling class” during the French Revolution.  If too harsh, how about we resurrect Joseph McCarthy?  Prop him up and let some Young Republicans conduct hearings to root out the socialists from amongst academia and the branches of government.  If you lack the stomach for beheadings, how about banishing them all to Australia or some other God forsaken land as the British did in their heyday? After a proper McCarthy-style hearing, of course.

I’m mad as hell and I am not going to take it anymore.  Nothing new there. What’s new is that I am no longer in the minority!  Praise The Lord and pass the guillotine!  We, the People, are being led by ultra-liberals.  Liberals make up about 20% of the population. They are a small discrete minority. We. Can. Take. Them. 

Tony Blankley in his excellent article points out that we, the Majority (not just conservatives but moderates and all decent people) are waking up to the fact that we are being led around like draft horses by puny little liberal jockeys (my words, not his): 

“In 1856, Frenchman Alexis de Tocqueville, in analyzing the causes of his country’s revolution, observed, “Evils which are patiently endured when they seem inevitable become intolerable when once the idea of escape from them is suggested.””

“A year ago, it seemed possible that a majority of Americans — rattled by economic collapse and under the sway of a popular, charismatic president — might buy in to plans to fundamentally transform America away from liberty, prosperity and greatness and toward security and a massive, protective state. At first, many of us were hesitant to speak out when we thought we might be but a few…” 

“But as the first details of the transformation were revealed to the nation — in Obamacare, the stimulus, bailouts, nationalizations and running roughshod over the Constitution — it became clear that the price for security turned out to be our birthright of liberty. Americans were not that rattled.”

“Now that we who cling to our liberty know we are a majority — and potentially a very large majority — we are aroused to the defense of our ancient rights — and we will not slacken in our efforts until that repulsive plan for transformation has been expurgated from the body politic — to quote Franklin D. Roosevelt — “so help us God.”

Amen, Tony!

After the last Presidential election I was depressed for weeks, thinking that I was in the minority, that a majority of Americans had lost their minds.  With each down-tick of the approval rating of President In-Over-His-Head, my faith in America and of our form of government is renewed.  We are in the majority. Americans, take back your country! 

John Doe

p.s. I’ll leave you guessing how serious I was about the beheadings…  😉


3 responses to “Should we behead liberals?

  1. In lieu of beheading, I might suggest castration except that Liberals…don’t. have. any. balls!

  2. Mick from Geelong (formerly Mick from Melbourne)

    Hey, Australia is not godforsaken….why not send em somewhere good, like Iran?

  3. Parts of it are, Mate. But I like the suggestion!

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