God HELP me I’m rooting for Blagojevich!!

I have a confession to make. I want the jury to acquit Rod.  I know he did it–he’s probably guilty of hell. And I’m normally such a law and order type of guy.  But I hope he wins. I hope the Government loses. 

I am not being naive.  He probably deserves to be locked up.  If not for trying to sell Obama’s seat, for something else.  But you know what? All those politicians in Chicago are a bunch of crooks. Obama is just as crooked or more so,  he is just not so ham-handed as to say what he is doing explicitly.  The firing of the inspector general to protect his political ally.  The Bubba-bribes to drop out of primaries.  The political elimination of the G.M. automobile dealerships.  Hell, even the robbing of our childrens’ future to pay for bribes and graft in the “stimulus bull, er I mean bill” is bribery. 

More likely is that somehow he crossed or double-crossed the Obama Administration and this is their attempt to get back at him. 

Don’t get me wrong.  I am glad the facts came out in court.  But now let the voters of Chicago decide if Rod is the type of politician that they want running their cities and state.  If so, it does not affect me.  Let them have him and his kind.  If not, let them vote such people out at the next election. Just as I hope to God we vote out Obama and Reid and Pelosi when next they are up for re-election.

I know, I know, this is not a very principled post.  But whatever Obama and the Feds want right now, I oppose.  Those corrupt bastards ran Senator Stevens out of the Senate; for all I know the government’s case against Blagojevich is equally trumped-up.

Vent, vent, vent, by John Doe.

3 responses to “God HELP me I’m rooting for Blagojevich!!

  1. It’s funny, I have been thinking some of the same things. when it comes to Blago, I almost like the guy. The sheer level of chutzpa involved in his operating style is impressive. He probably should go down the river, but it would be rather entertaining if he didn’t. If O.J. got off, why not Blago?

    One correction–Sen. Stevens (God rest his soul) was prosecuted by the Bush Justice Dept., technically, as you know, by “career prosecutors” who are not subject to political appointment. They didn’t exactly play fair, but the evidence was strong that Stevens got lots of goodies he didn’t pay for, and made an effort to maintain “plausible deniablity.” No one came out of that trial smelling like a rose. He was a big man in some ways, but his reputation was mainly for being a king of pork for his state, and he was proud of it. We not only need a new President, we need a change in political culture.

  2. Well said. Even if Stevens was scum though, about which I have no opinion, what the Justice Department did was criminal, imho. Very few things are worse worse than corrupt politicians, but corrupt prosecutors are one of them in my book.

    I did an earlier piece about how the prosecutor who abused Sen. Stevens then tried to get appointed as the U.S. Attorney of Massachusetts after Obama was elected.


  3. Your point is well taken. Prosecutors have so much power, right up to life and death, and discretion about how to handle a case, that their misconduct is perhaps more threatening to order and good government than that of a politician.

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