Roger Huerta knocks out a street thug

For those of you us who enjoy street justice.  Ex-UFC fighter administers a little street justice to a thug who knocked out a woman.

John Doe

p.s.  Sadly, this made me think of a previous blog post that I read somewhere within the past month.  The gist of it was the blogger told of an occasion where he was present when a man was punching a woman and he did nothing, and asked the other men if they would have intervened.  To a man, all of them said that they would not.  They all seemed to be  of a younger generation, and their “rationalizations” varied from she probably deserved, the dude was already mad and probably holding back some but if you got involved he would stop holding back and freak out on you, all the way to she might join the fight against  you if you intervened.  I wish I remember where it was.

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