It’s on–strippers counter-protest church

Naturally, Smash Mouth readers will be interested in inspecting the strippers uniforms.  I personally think that they should shut the strip joint down just because the strippers are so skanky (which is best revealed by going to the link and watching the video–yikes, buttfuglier women I can’t remember ever seeing.)


4 responses to “It’s on–strippers counter-protest church

  1. I dunno. Compared to the women entering the church the strippers didn’t look half bad. (Damning with faint praise…) Mostly it was Lola Lorraine (the one in pink) who, um, must be considered an affirmative action hire.

  2. I don’t go to church to see beautiful women. I sure wouldn’t waste my time watching skanky women pole dance. 😉

  3. Understood. My point is, maybe the strippers are the cream of the crop for the community. And Mr Mullet does good business putting the least-worst women on display. And selling beer. Lots and lots of beer.

  4. There’s not enough beer (even free beer) to help Lola’s cause and her compatriot gives new meaning to the phrase “six pack abs”.

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