Libertarianism: It’s not just for dopeheads anymore!

Young American males who fancy yourselves as “libertarians,” can we talk?  Many of you are just gutless conservatives trying to fit in with modern culture.

You are akin to the high-schoolers from my heyday during the late 60s and early 70s who fancied themselves as rebellious because they wore long hair, bell bottom jeans and smoked a little pot.  Only thing was, everybody was doing it.  Those who did that weren’t “free-thinkers” as they liked to believe, they were just following the crowd, too gutless to realise that they (we, cuz I did it too) actually looked goofier than Nancy Pelosi without her Botox injections.

I mean really, have you seen high school yearbooks from the 70s?  Wide collars, fat-assed ties, polyester suits, all the guys had goofy looking long  hair, peace symbols, goofy looking long sideburns. Come on! Anybody with a lick of fashion sense should have been able to see that the 70s were hi-jacked by the dirty hippie movement. 

We weren’t cool back then, we were mindless sheep going along to get along. No different from the young white punks now who talk ghetto and wear their baggy jeans down below their ass-cracks.  I can’t be too critical of those bros now because I fell for the hippy-dippy crap back when I was a young punk.  But I sure as hell can point out mindless followers when I see them.

I know that you think that I have digressed, but that was the set up to me making my main point, which is that many of you “fiscal conservatives” are “libertarian” on social issues because you are too gutless to stand up for what you know is right.  You consider yourselves hip, savvy, with-it, and yeah, even “cool.”  You have many friends who have little or no morals, and you’ve seen how social conservatives are shunned and made fun of by the same people with whom you desperately desire to fit in.  So you take the chicken-shit way out–you take the position that though you personally oppose X, Y or Z you do not think that the government has any business imposing your values on others.

Yeah, I said “the chicken shit way out.” I’m not trying to persuade you, you are probably beyond persuasion any way.  I am trying to shame you.  You know I’m right. Or you would know it if you were man enough to see through your little charade.  You are “libertarian” because  you have this misguided notion that it’s cool.  And because it buys you some cover with your socially liberal friends who would drop you in a heart-beat if you ever came across as a dreaded “So-Con.”

To help cloak your little charade in intellectual camouflage you tell yourselves that you really are carrying on the legacy of the Founding Fathers, as though they were all walking, talking libertarians, too.   Okay, granted, Jefferson probably was very close to the libertarian point of view on many issues. 

But here is a clue: the vast majority of our Founding Fathers were most definitely not “libertarians” when it came to social issues.  They believed that it was perfectly fine and in fact quite necessary to “legislate morality.”  They could and they did legislate against bigamy, homosexuality, bestiality, and any number of other so-called “victimless crimes.”  They made laws dictating who could marry, and when, and they made  laws making it difficult to dissolve said marriages. And the country prospered. Until idiot hippie know-it-alls came along in the 1960s and persuaded the nation to drop the old ways and adopt the hippie way of thinking. Ohhhh, wow, man, if it feels good, do it! 

Many of you guys are one or two steps removed from those hippies.  Sure, you yourself has certain morals, perhaps instilled in you as a youth by parents who raised you to be Christian.  You aren’t as “bad” as many of your friends, but you sure as  heck don’t want to seem to be condemning what they do.  So you just say, “hey, that’s cool man.  I’m a libertarian. I don’t choose your lifestyle, but if you want to do it, knock yourself out.”

Here’s what people like you and the progressives and liberals out there don’t get.   An action or a thought that does not cause a concrete harm to any specific individual can still cause actual, demonstrable harm to society in general.  Thoughts matter.

Society is composed of individual humans.  Humans are animals.  We need laws.  We need justice.  Civilization is fragile and can break down in just a few generations.  Or even a few years, see, e.g., Nazi Germany or communist China under Chairman Mao.  

The institutions that helped make our country are under attack by the left.  Free enterprise.  Capitalism.  Business.  Our educational system. Even our form of government.  You know it, and do not need me to tell you that.  But wait, though you oppose them on many issues, you are siding with them, or at least you are  not actively opposing them as you should be, as this country desperately needs you to be, by your “cool” and clever and go along to get along libertarian views on social issues.

Leftists want to destroy the family, or at the very least, they are ignorant that their hippy-dippy modern views have the effect of destroying families.  Destroy families and you make persons poorer and less happy, and you increase crime and dependence upon the state for sustenance.  Free love, man. Well of course men will not marry if they can get women to screw them without having to marry them.  And of course men won’t support children born out-of-wedlock if not forced to do so. So either the kids are poorer, or the state is left footing the bill.  Or maybe the grand parents step in, as in the case of our Community Organizer in chief, while the parents run off and do there own thing.  

I’m rambling, but society is fragile. Our forefathers created a carefully constructed society based upon many strong pillars.  The family, and good Christian morals, along with laws to back up those two important pillars, played a vital role in making our country strong and prosperous.  Now those pillars are under attack and have been for 50+ years by the leftists and hippies and progressives.  And good people like you are sitting on your haunches not opposing them, or worse, siding with them and against social conservatives, all because your misguided belief that you and your libertarian views regarding social issues is “cool.”  Well to that I say: “Grow a pair. Join the fight to save this great country.”

John Doe

UPDATE:  Ed Morrissey at Hot Air  and David Harsanyi, both of whom I generally greatly admire, wave the white flag on the issue of homosexual marriages. Hey, we lost on the homo marriage issue, so let’s just call a general retreat and get the government out of the marriage business entirely.  Sure, Ed, sure David, run like little girls. Give up the way that we have been sucessfully doing it for the past 300 years because you don’t have the stomach to fight. Oh, yeah, that’s the way to handle difficult issues.  Cave. Go limp.  Wave the white flag.

8 responses to “Libertarianism: It’s not just for dopeheads anymore!

  1. Well JD, not much more you can add to that. 😉 And as a person who grew to adulthood during the same time frame, I agree with your whole premise.

    We were lax about raising our kids and now we have the “Me” generation coming of age. It’s not about the future, but about how they can satisfy their wants right now instead of how to save for their needs in the coming years. Yep, we raised spoiled children. We didn’t let them fail because we didn’t want to hurt their self esteem.


  2. What was the cause? I doubt it was one particular thing. Here is my list.

    1. Public school system. We put politicians in charge of educating our children. We educate our children with a socialist system run by four layers of bureaucrats: the feds, the stage government, local government, and a school board.

    2. The mass media. We allowed the mass media to baby sit our kids.

    3. The welfare state. The center of our communities should be our churches. Our churches should be the place where we come together to take care of each other, but we have abandoned our churches and God for the Great Bureaucrat. We have failed to render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s and unto God that which is God’s.

  3. In my life it is incredible how quickly a society can devolve. Generally, the generations before the Baby Boomer generation were good people, hard working, patriotic, salt of the earth types. They lived through the great wars and the depression, and wanted to make it easier on their kids, give to their children what they never had (or never had enough of).

    Predictably, that did not work out so well in numerous instances. Hippies happened. Now, hippies have had evil spawn, who are raising their own broods of evil spawn (I’m speaking rhetorically–kids are fine, it’s how they are raised that matters, and hippies do not raise kids properly). Now we have entire generations of kids with no morals except “Don’t narc” and “if it feels good, do it” and “screw The Man.”

    Fortunately, many hippies grew up, but for many it was too late to save their children. Hopefully, their children will grow up, too, albeit in their 30s, 40s and 50s. Otherwise, our magnificent run at the world’s greatest country will come to a crashing halt.

    Mike, I hear you. My parents were extremely lax in raising me. Fortunately I got out of that when I was 20. I married a great wife who was NOT lax on my children, and they grew up great. I take zero credit for it, but it is entirely true.

    Tom, so true. I believe that socialists had a plan and were motivated to take over certain influential portions of society. While the rest of us were trying to earn a living, they were trying to take over our country. I don’t think it was some grand conspiracy, just that those people really do believe that crap and that they know more than us and they are determined to give us socialism whether we want it or not.

    • John Doe – Because our example is so important, God’s punishment extends to the third and fourth generation. With its example, every generation plants the seeds of self-destruction in the next. Therefore, do not chastise the Baby Boomers too harshly.

      Consider the nature of the people we choose to lead us. What are politicians? They are the greatest of our AMORAL salesmen. What are statesmen? They are the greatest of our MORAL salesmen. The amoral salesman hooks us like a tasty trout and reels us in. The moral salesman provides us a service that we actually need.

      The politician promises to give us things, other people’s things. The statesman merely promises to protect our rights, which, when our rights do not seem threatened, seems the smaller matter.

      Because the generations that proceeded the Baby Boomers forgot the difference between politicians and statesmen, the Baby Boom generation did not know the difference. So we elected politicians. Now, to our horror, we have the opportunity to clearly see the difference. Because they have become the majority, the politicians do not fear to display their arrogance. They trample our rights and ravage our nation’s wealth, and we are helpless to stop them.

  4. Damn…
    I was one handsome lad at 22…
    I actually had hair…

    Did yah gents… ever have, the opportunity, to see that absolutely, superb, musical, Hair…?

    I attended back in the 80’s in Chi-towne…!

  5. Come on CT…

    ”…They trample our rights and ravage our nation’s wealth, and we are helpless to stop them.

    November is only three months away…off year elections always favor the party not in control of congress…

    Those GOP stalwarts, Boehner and Pence are on yer side…!

    Do yah think they’ll ever state any new direction, ideas, inclinations or purpose, of any sort, before November 3d…

    Are we all at, “tilting GOP windmill’s” with Godot…?

  6. I gotta say…

    I cain’t grow it on top any more…
    But it ain’t stopped growin’ on the bottom…



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