Jobless Nation: Heckuva Job, Barack

Barack Obama has never had the best interests of the American people in mind. He is all about following the tenets set forth by Marx and Lenin with a smidge of Mao and a pinch of Castro and Chavez thrown in for flavor. Even before he started his campaign for the Presidency, there were glaring glimpses into his mindset about how he thought the country should be run. Obama’s also a student of Saul Alynski. Obama had a much easier time pushing his policies through the Senate and Congress because of the presence of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, probably the most progressive politicians to lead the House and Senate in our country’s history.

He pandered to poor and middle class Black folks by intimating that reparations were right around the corner if he got elected. He pandered to the environmentalists by promising to “kill” the energy industry and employing the “green” policies the enviro’s wanted. He got the LGBT vote by making promises about total inclusion in the military and the right to marry. ( I’m still trying to figure that one out.) And he pandered to the Progressive Socialist Elites who think the majority of American citizens don’t have enough sense to get out of the rain unless someone “better” tells them to.

I’m thinking Conservative candidates  will hit the jackpot this election cycle. Hopefully, they won’t succumb to the “greed and corruption” bug that seems so pervasive in the beltway. We just have to “innoculate” them with the promise that if they don’t hold their constituents best interests in mind, they will be looking for employment  after the next election.

We must hold our elected representatives feet to the fire to make sure they do the job we hired them to do. The problem with this bunch we have in there now, is that the American public was asleep at the wheel starting when Reagan turned us around after Carter’s dismal presidency. Reagan turned the economy back around to growth instead of the decline Carter put us in. It took two decades to undo what Reagan accomplished. We need another Reaganisque President.

Just one man’s opinion…Mike

via Jobless Nation: Heckuva Job, Barack.

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8 responses to “Jobless Nation: Heckuva Job, Barack

  1. The problem with lying to get elected is it causes many voters to turn against you and your party the next time election time rolls around.

  2. Talk about no ideas…

    GOP, Reps Boehner and Pence were on “Meet the Press” this morning…

    Talk about no ideas; those gents didn’t even have the slightest clue…

    What programs would you cut to reduce the deficit…

    Would you raise the retirement age for social Security to 70…

    What specific action would you take, please be specific…

    “Well Rep. Ryan has a plan…” “that gives specifics.”


    Where the hell is Mr. Limpbough the leader of the Republican Party, when you need him…?

  3. Gramps, they were being set up by the questioner. “Ask the Republicans specific questions, even though we never do the same with Democrats” is their Motto.

    Cuts require negotiations. One legislator cannot “cut” anything. He can make proposals, and then make concessions. I’d ruther have a legislator in favor of cuts in general, where ever he can get cuts enacted, than a dimwitted liberal who breaks out in hives at the mere thought of spending cuts. But that’s just me.

  4. Gimme a break JD…

    Negotiations, you say…?

    Well hells bells…before we can negotiate some dimbulb has to offer a, heaven help us, some kinda proposal[s] from the other side to respond…!

    That’s the nature of negotiation[s]…
    You ain’t tryin’ to pull a “Boehner” on me…are you?

  5. Rule number one of negotiations is don’t make any offer that you have not completely prepared for and thought about in advance. It’s like you were driving down the street and some dude says “how much you want for your little moped, Gramps?” You’d hopefully want to do a little research, how much is it worth, what are similar tiny ass mopeds going for, etc.

    You KNOW they did not tell him in advance what they were going to ask. And why should he have on his finger tips cuts that he could not possibly get through congress? Just for the fun of it? Yeah, let’s spend thousands of hours searching for the best places to make cuts that we don’t have a chance of passing!

    It was a “gotcha” attempt and he did not play along. That just makes him a better and smarter politician than you are.

  6. ”… It was a “gotcha” attempt and he did not play along. That just makes him a better and smarter politician than you are.

    JD…both you and I know I’m not smart enough to be a politician…

    Question still remains…how does one, begin a negotiation if the other party won’t state their position; for, whatever reason…purposefully evasive, exceptionally clever, or a complete “box-o-rocks”…

    Am I missin’ somethin’ here…?

  7. First, you don’t negotiate with Democratic legislators based on a surprise question on Meet the Press. Second, Dems do not have to negotiate with Pubs. They have the numbers to pass anything that they want. Only if the Dems want something that all their members won’t agree to do they even have to come to the Pubs for any votes. Just one of the pitfalls of voting in so many tax and spend happy demoncraps.

  8. JD…yer beginning to paraphrase Mr. Limpbough…doesn’t work with me.

    When will Mr. Boehner and Mr. Pence tell us where they stand on the issues…November 3d…

    Do you think, that will work as compelling impetus for an Independent like my ownself, to vote for them?

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