Bloggers wanted

To join the Smash Mouth Politics dysfunctional family. 

UPDATED! And stuck to the top for awhile for more attention.

My vision is to have a blog that has many points of view, with many good writers joining together to provide many good posts for an almost continuous stream of new posts. Let’s face it, blogging is time-consuming.  It takes a lot of work, and bloggers get burned-out temporarily and slow down.  Also, life intrudes.  But readers have short memories. If the blog is  not cooking each and every time they happen to click on your site, they may not come back.

I do not earn a penny off this blog. It is “mine” only because I started it. I would like to have others come join me and for it to be theirs, too.   I am looking for others who share a vision of creating a hopping place.  I am looking for others who are tired of blogging alone and want to join a blog team. I’m not asking anyone to come and help me grow my blog, I want people who want to share this blog and grow our blog together. If I have not asked any of my readers before to join it may be because you already have a successful blog and I did not think you would be interested.  If you are, let me know.

And no, I do not just want others who share my point of view.  Hell, I’d even take somebody like you, Sheldon, so long as you care to put in the time defending your points of view. 


John Doe

UPDATED!!! This is not “my blog.” I want others to own this blog.  I want to gradually fade away and never be heard from again.  Whoever posts the most, and puts the most energy into it, let it be there blog for the moment, and then let somebody else take their place as zeal passes.  I surf the net endlessly.  I save blogs as a favorite if they catch my attention. But woe to the blog that fails to update, that fails to catch my attention the next time that I click on their saved link.  I get bored easily. I delete links that lose my attention, that do not update OFTEN.  That’s my vision for Smash Mouth. I want LOTS of contributors, so that if I do not feel inspired, many many others will fill in the dead time and keep readers interested.  Look at Lipton T. Bagg, for instance. He is a great contributor here, and has his own excellent blog. But life intervened. He can’t post for a few days. You think he isn’t losing avid readers?  He is.  I see this as a collective where we all help each other and give readers so much cool shit that they can’t bear not to keep coming back. 

I’ve gotten two more bloggers interested (welcome Neo-Vic and Gatordoug), so I thought I would pour it on and axe again.  If you do not ask, you will not receive.

14 responses to “Bloggers wanted

  1. I would like to contribute. I have blocked my personal Blogger because of my involvement in the campaign season. I have commented before under my first name…but if you would like to give me permission to come aboard, I would prefer the name on this comment. It gives the flavor of where I’m coming from, as you’ll see if you read Neal Stephenson’s The Diamond Age.

    I trust you can see my email.


  2. Golly gosh dang…

    A died in the wool conservative would have to respond…
    Hey hon, “you dah babe”…

    Olde soldier sends…!

  3. Gramps, aren’t you making a presumptive statement? You’re assuming Neo-Victorian is a person of the female persuasion.

    I’m just sayin’…Mike

    • Never mind Mike…

      We had a traditional greeting in Special Forces in Vietnam…

      A big wet kiss./em> in the left ear…

      Male or female, never mind.
      Most of us, including me…preferred the babes…!

      BTW: We didn’t have any chic’s in the SF when I served, dammit…!

  4. You know what they say about the left ear…if it’s left, it aint right…for those of you who think earrings are “cool”


    • Hey Mike…

      Left your right, right you’re wrong. dumb old saying but helps me remember.

      It’s up to how you feel about it…

  5. Here yah go Mike…

    Join GOProud – the organization for gay conservatives and allies…

  6. Mike, did yah know, Ms Coulter was gonna put her Adam’s apple on display at the GOProud, convention…?


  7. Gramps ol’ bean–I will put up a post today and you can get the flavor of what a Neo-Victorianian is. Think…Winston Churchill with a Barrett .50 instead of a Mauser pistol.

  8. Neo-Victorian // August 9, 2010 at 11:19 am wrote:
    Gramps ol’ bean–I will put up a post today and you can get the flavor of what a Neo-Victorianian is. Think…Winston Churchill with a Barrett .50 instead of a Mauser pistol.

    Hey Neo-Vic… I’m looking forward to reading it.
    Winston, with an M82, interesting…

    I was always under the impression you “limey shooter’s” preferred…

    With its unerring accuracy and powerful telescopic sight, the L115A3 virtually guarantees “one round, one kill” at ranges of more than a mile.


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  10. Hey John I would be interested in posting some things here, it is a great blog.

    Doug Hagin

  11. Doug, we would be pleased as punch to have you! I enjoy y’alls’ blog too. I haven’t received email confirmation of your post. As soon as I do I will email you details.

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