Jenn Sterger: Would you text a picture of your junk to this woman?

Brett Favre supposedly did.  An un-official poll of the guys around the poker table last night did not believe that he would be so stupid.  Let’s turn Favre’s problem into our little Rule 5 post, shall we? 

I know what my wife would say if somebody asked her if I would do such a thing.   With threatening voice, “Once. He’d only do it once.”  My wife is a disciple of the Lorena Bobbitt school of thought as to how wives should treat misbehaving husbands.

Oh, and in a Smash Mouth Exclusive, go here to view the actual piece of evidence–a photo of Brett Favre’s junk that was sent to Ms. Sterger.

Personally? Die her hair blonde and Tiger would be all over her, but she isn’t really my type.  And I’m sooooooo glad she finally lost the ugly assed hat.

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