A little “30 Mike Mike” for your viewing pleasure

Courtesy of LiveLeak, h/t Linkiest

Bonus question re photo.  What is this? Must be specific.

8 responses to “A little “30 Mike Mike” for your viewing pleasure

  1. I appears to be some kind of flip-flapping mechanism in the wing of a plane. Is that specific enough? What’s my prize if I get it right?

  2. An A-10 fuselage.

  3. Yeah, it was labeled a “30 mike mike” (30 mm gatlin gun cannon) embedded in a fighter jet. Smitty, weren’t you in the military? My brother in law would know–he was a jet mechanic for many years. Ironically, he now works for Wal-Mart.

  4. Every A-10, I ever saw, had an O.D.,camo or black, paint job.

    It’s definitely God’s right hand…

  5. There was nothing’ like… one of those honeys coming over the top of a ridgeline with her belly brushing the leaves on the trees and belching fire, like hell on earth…!and that was half a century ago…and they’re still flying…


  6. I think they have some in our newest fighters, too. F-35s?

  7. Can’t be an A-10 fuselage because the cannon on the A-10 sits on the center line of the plane. The pilot is almost sitting astraddle of the darn thing. And yes, when one of those suddenly appeared out of nowhere, flying overhead, it was a sight to see.


  8. gau-8 is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay bigger than that. gotta be another canon in another aircraft, looks like a newer type.

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