Can libertarians shut up now about how conservatives always bring up the distracting social issues?

I get sooooo tired of the libertarian wing of our fragile “fiscally conservative” coalition always whiiiiining about how social conservatives are the ones pressing the “hot button” social issues to rally their base.  I get so tired of them whining that we should just ignore social issues that are divisive and concentrate on the important fiscal issues that are destroying our country.

Here’s some news for you if you are one of those whiners: The so-cons did not start the fight out in California over same-sex marriage, the liberals and/or libertarians did.   When they lost at the ballot box, first they demonized those who opposed them, and when that failed, they filed suit in federal court.  A queer judge ruled in their favor–go figure.  Now the fight is on to get his queer ruling over-turned. 

Meanwhile, the libertarians would have us just roll over and allow same-sex marriage to be jammed down our throats, against the will of the people.  I for one am sick and tired of the libertarians wanting our help on fiscal issues and then stabbing us in the back on social issues. 

Here, I know you selfish bastards only care about yourself, so I’ll put it in terms that even you respect.  Opposition to same-sex marriage is a winning issue.  You are on the wrong side of it.  everywhere that it has been put to a vote, it has been defeated.  And the populace is getting tired of having it jammed down their  throats against their will by un-elected judges.  

You’ve got the great weight of history against same-sex marriages.  You’ve got biology. You’ve got the great moral thinkers throughout the ages. Then you’ve got flaming queers parading down the streets in rainbow T-shirts and boa feathers on your side. Look around. Sometimes it is instructive to see who are on your side.  The same people who want to confiscate your hard earnings and have government-run your lives are also telling you that you must re-define “marriage” to suit their latest whims.  Wake the f#ck up! You are on the wrong side. 

John Doe

19 responses to “Can libertarians shut up now about how conservatives always bring up the distracting social issues?

  1. “A queer judge ruled in their favor–go figure. Now the fight is on to get his queer ruling over-turned.”

    Ahhhh, the sweet reason of Doe and his posse at Smash Mouth Politics (read sarcasm). I really need to check in more often.

  2. “reasoning” is to liberals as water is to a rabid dog. The only thing they understand is brute force.

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  4. Libertarian=LIBERAL, slow progressive.

    Sheldon, how does it feel to not be allowed to comment on my blog?
    I hope that it makes you feel terrible, b/c Kagan the Pagan, and Obama will shut us all up, then you can be the Jew-Nazi you ARE.

  5. This article is one of the biggest reasons I will not EVER live in CA OR NY ever again.
    The voters there mean ZERO.

  6. Dammit J D, don’t hold back, tell us how you really feel!

    Personally, I think a civil union is as far as I’m prepared to go. Then they get all the benefits they crave, except for one, the sanctity of holy matrimony, marriage, a wedding, the joining of a MAN and a WOMAN, to cleave to one another til death do you part! Besides, evolutionarily speaking, think about it…What kind of world would we have if everyone was a homosexual?…we wouldn’t!!


  7. Mike – What is the point of civil unions? They don’t even satisfy homosexual activists; they already have civil unions in CA.

    John Doe

    Would you mind if I further annoy the libertarians a little bit more? 😀

    Because same-sex unions are self-destructive, same-sex “marriage” is immoral. The public has no reason whatsoever to approve of or support immoral behavior.

    Think about how this nonsense got started. First these people said what goes on in the privacy of their bedrooms was their own business, and the rest of us should leave them alone. Now, not only is what homosexuals do in their bedrooms everyone else’s business, we must approve.

    Why should we approve?

    1. Children?

    Because of children, we encourage people to get married. Same-sex unions cannot produce children. Why would we want to encourage same-sex couples to raise children? So children can have two mommies or daddies? Isn’t that just asking for trouble? What kind of parent would want their own children raised that way?

    2. We want same-sex couples to stay together?

    Aren’t the same fools who came up with that idea the ones who also came up no-fault divorce?

    3. It is not fair that only opposite sex couples get marriage benefits?

    The whole idea of marriage benefits is dubious, but that is another discussion. What is immediately pertinent is that same-sex couples can’t, by definition, get married. So giving people who cannot get married marriage benefits does not make any sense. Moreover, children provide the principal motivation for providing marriage benefits. See question 1 again.

    Marriage exists to create stable relationships, the kind needed to raise healthy children. Same-sex “marriage” activists promote same-sex “marriage” to satisfy the egos of some very disturbed people. Same-sex “marriage” is about politics — forcing people to respect active homosexuals. Same-sex marriage does not satisfy any societal need.

    Instead of trying to help homosexuals feel good about themselves (by infringing upon the religious rights of others), we need remind them of what Jesus once told a woman guilty of adultery.

    “Then neither do I condemn you,” Jesus declared. “Go now and leave your life of sin.”

    Same-sex sex is fornication. Same-sex sex is a sin. There is only one solution for sin. Stop sinning.

    To love and be loved, we don’t have to climb into bed with each other. In fact, satisfying a sexual need has little to do with love. Sexual attraction is not love, and copulation is not love-making.

    What is love? See 1 Corinthians 13.

  8. We really ARE in some evil times.

    • “Huckleberry Finn” is now read as a key to the very essence of the American imagination, a central document of our most primitive impulses.

      A few years ago, Leslie Fiedler gained a greater degree of notoriety than it is usually given to literary critics to achieve by suggesting that the relation between Huck and Jim expresses the homosexual attraction toward Negroes which Mr. Fiedler discovered hidden in the furthest recesses of the American unconscious.

      (It is amusing to speculate on the punishment Mark Twain might have thought up for this kind of motive hunting had he been prescient enough to know that it would some day come into fashion.)

      In the early 1900 hundreds…

  9. Dear Mad Jewess,
    I don’t really know how it feels to not be able to comment on your blog. I have only attempted it twice, and never checked back a second time.

    Really, do you think I am losing sleep over this?

    Sorry to disappoint you but I am not. Probably less fun for you.

    I do appreciate John Doe for being such a gracious host and permitting this Commie Jewish Faggot to comment freely. Maybe the Mad Jewess ought to learn some manners from Doe?

  10. Hey Sheldon…continence yer response…

    “I do appreciate John Doe for being such a gracious host and permitting this Commie Jewish Faggot to comment freely. Maybe the Mad Jewess ought to learn some manners from Doe?”

    JD… is very special host…

    He allows dissonance, discord and disistablishamentarism and we can only applaud him for his hospitality…!

  11. Awww, Gramps. Thanks. But really I deserve little credit. So long as posters are not just obnoxious name-callers or have nothing to add, I actually enjoy diverse opinions. Everybody has something worthwhile to add if they take the time and are not just trolling.

    Sometimes Sheldon comes very close to just hit and run trolling, but when he is serious and takes the time, he has an interesting perspective to bring to the table. He just doesn’t seem to have the patience to share that perspective most of the time…

  12. What I’d like to know is, why do you insist on the state being involved in marriage in the first place? Does the state need to regulate even the realm of God? Is God’s word only good if backed by the Almighty State?

    The right has become as beholden to the state as the left. The conservative movement have turned into the Israelites who demanded a king. God punished them with one.

    Our Founders wanted the state to stay out of the church for good reason. Today, you want the state in the church so it can define what is and is not marriage. Can the state do something for you God cannot? Demand your Overlords define marriage, and you’ll lose the battle forever.

    The left turns to the state. If the right turns to the state too, it matters not their intentions, you’ll both get to the same place.

    • What I’d like to know is, why do you insist on the state being involved in marriage in the first place?

      Come on.. EVERYONE in their right mind knows that marriage is between a MAN AND A WOMAN.
      “Woe to those that call good, evil and evil good”
      We will pay for this unholiness.

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  14. Great opening for a discussion. Please see my latest post and respond there…

  15. Maybe the Mad Jewess ought to learn some manners from Doe?

    I have NO manners and do not intend to start. Your kind is putting my people through terrible persecution with your love for bad blacks, gay ‘marriage’, Communism, disloyalty to nation.
    You need to repent, your kind has gone pass the point of ‘free speech’ and is treason.
    If your kind will not repent, do America a favor and MOVE TO ISRAEL.

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