Top Ten Racist Incidents of the Week

From Pajama’s media is my “must read” article of the day.  Remember kiddies, there are five A in raaaaacist!

On the topic of racism, imagine if conservatives were responsible for the deaths of tens millions of black babies.  You could not invent a more sinister plot than a bunch of conservative business men and politicians sitting in a back room smoking cigars and drinking single malt Scotch whisky.  One comes up with the diabolical plan: 

“How can we eliminate as many blacks from our society as is legally possible?  We can’t ship them all back to Africa.  Lynching is becoming too difficult to avoid punishment!”

Another speaks up:   “I know!  Let’s encourage them to have abortions!  Let’s open free clinics in poor neighborhoods.  We’ll even make the tax payers pay for the tab!  It will be worth it to keep all those icky black babies from being born and growing up to be n!gg%rz.”

” What shall we name our new plan?”

” How about something benign such as Planned Parenthood?”   

“Excellent idea, Thurston!  Bartender, poor my friend another Glenfiddich! Put it on Daddy’s tab.”

“Why thank you, Trip.”

“While we are at it, let’s devise a way to keep the black community dependent upon government.  We will have the federal government provide them with just enough money to live on, but not enough to ever get ahead.  Give them just enough so that they are desperate for government help and they will always vote for us for fear of losing their monthly checks.  We will win election after election with all the blacks voting for us in unison!  A certain delicious irony will be that the black families will disintegrate.”

“But wait!  Many black families have strong ties, and good morals.  They won’t sit back and accept “Welfare” so long as they are good Christians.”

“Well by God let’s have a war on religion and morality.  Morality is what we say it is.  Then, with the government providing sustenance black men will become irrelevant.  Who needs to marry one when the government will pay you more money for every little black baby, er I mean potential political supporter, that a mother does not abort.  Get the black men out-of-the-way and we can keep them poor, ignorant and perpetually voting for our side!”

“Excellent idea, old chap!  But wouldn’t such a plan be un-Constitutional?  Taking money from taxpayers and giving it to those who did not earn it? The federal government only has certain enumerated powers.”

“Good point.  Let’s see, it does not fall under the category of highways or bridges.  This certainly doesn’t fall under the definition of a war.  There is that “general welfare” clause but that certainly doesn’t include paying people to sit home.”

“I know, let’s just hoodwink the citizens into not looking too closely into whether we have the power to do this or not.  Let’s call it “The War on Poverty!”  Certainly the President and Congress have the power to wage war.  And through in that we are doing it for their “welfare.”  We’ll even call the monthly checks “Welfare Checks.”    


“But we can’t just send money to [expletive deleted].  They will blow it on drugs and alcohol.  Can’t have them with too much spending money in their pockets.”

“So true.  And we can’t have them all drugged up and chasing our women.  How about if we just give some of the money in the form of stamps, redeemable only for food?”

“Hmmmm.   “Food Stamps”?  I like it!”

“Hey, while we are at it, let’s devise a plan to keep black kids from having  jobs.  If they are able to find employment they might actually learn to earn a decent living and no longer be dependent on us for their food and shelter!  That would screw up our plans!” 

“Good point! But we can’t just not hire them, and keep others from hiring them.  That would be illegal.  Imagine enacting a law that absolutely forbids employers from hiring poor black kids.  We could never do something like that.  Then our new dependents, er I mean our ‘constituents,’ would know what we were up to and might revolt.”

“Yeah, you guys are crazy.  We could never make a law making it illegal for employers to hire black kids.  But good try.  Besides, there are some jobs that are not fit for decent white kids.  Some times you need a little colored kid to handle menial tasks for a minimum wage.”  

“Hmmm.  What if we made it illegal to pay below a certain ‘minimum wage,’ might that do the trick?”

“Now wait a minute!  I don’t want the government telling me how much I have to pay my employees!  This crazy plan is going to far.  If I have to pay them a fair wage, I’ll lose money!”

“Hold on, take it easy.  We won’t raise the amount that employers have to pay too much.  We’ll just price the poor black kids out of the market.  If we could just keep 40-50% of them from being employed it would be a great help!  Besides, we pay white kids more money anyway.  So we’ll just determine roughly what our white kids are worth and not allow employers to hire anyone for less than that.”

“Who is going to fall for such a scheme?  What are we going to call it?  The “White Kids Minimum Wages Law?”  Again, even the stupidest black kid will see through our diabolical plan and realize that we are trying to screw them.  Remember, we need them to think that we are on their side, not working against them.”

“Good point.  Oh, well, it was a fun fantasy while it lasted.  Let’s talk about something different.  Joe, how is that new whore working out for you?” 

Joe Kennedy had been sitting there with his three sons, listening to everything.  Teddy, his youngest, was especially enamored with the entire conversation.  Although too young to imbibe or smoke yet, Teddy dreamed of someday becoming a famous politician, maybe even a Senator, or even the President of the United States, and he knew he would have to find many, many stupid people to vote for him. 

So Teddy didn’t speak up and tell the men that he thought that their plan was excellent.  He even thought that he could sell it as a “minimum wage” by claiming that it would actually help the poor by forcing employers to pay their employees more money.  He realized that stupid people would never realize that forcing employers to pay more money than their employees were worth would just cause employers to not hire certain, ahem, poor, inexperienced and uneducated black kids. 

Yes, Teddy silently concluded, this was a brilliant plot, and excellent plan.  And he determined then and there to use those ideas to get himself elected some day.      

Meanwhile, years after young Teddy grew up, drove drunk off a bridge and left a woman to die, he did become a Senator.  And let’s see how successful he was at enacting  his “liberal” policies.

He was a strong advocate of “The Minimum Wage Law” being raised.  As one blogger wrote: “However, look at the numbers recently.  As the national unemployment rate hit 10%, black teen unemployment hit nearly 50%!  1 in 2 black teens was unemployed during this period!  The unemployment rate for all teens was 26.8%.  And for white teens?  It was 23.0%  Black teens were more than doubly impacted by the minimum wage increase than white teens.” 

The Cato Institute tries in vain to point out that the minimum wage law is a really a war on black employment:  “Waging War on Black Teens.”  Of course, good liberals don’t listen to them–they are dirty racist conservatives who hate black people. 

How about abortions? We know Teddy was a fierce advocate of abortion rights.  How many blacks do not exist today that otherwise would have been born but for the abortion rights laws in America?  According to one site there have been more than 13 million Black children aborted since Roe v. Wade was decided in 1973. 

And how about LBJ’s “War on Poverty”? How successful at destroying the Black family has that proved to be? In the past forty years this country has spent trillions supposedly to lift the poor out of poverty. 

One NPR radio comment addressed the issue: “Forty years ago, a government report on the state of the black family in America warned that almost one out of four black children were born to unmarried mothers. Recent figures suggest that now, almost 70 percent of black children are born out-of-wedlock.”

Yeah, this was all just a fantasy, never really happened.  Those black neighborhoods in any inner city in America are not real.  Those war zones where you take your life in your own hands when you enter certain places in every city, you know where they are, just happened, and it is nobody’s fault. No particular government policy added to the blight.  But if we just throw more money at the problems, they would all miraculously disappear.  Heckuva job,  Teddy.  Rest in piece you old lying fat bastard. 


2 responses to “Top Ten Racist Incidents of the Week

  1. I read the top ten list yesterday. But as entertaining as that was, it don’t hold a candle to your lucid explanation of how it was really done back in the day.

    Regards, Mike

  2. I hate niggers

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