“Why not Jeb Bush?”

Before I read the article I almost screamed, “Because he’s a fucking Bush!”  Thankfully, my lovely and sweet daughter is home, so I refrained from cursing.  Sort of. 

Then I read the article and the guy made sense.  It is G.W. who is hated by a large percentage of the country.  The country still respects Father Bush.  Jeb was very popular in Florida when he was Governor. It probably is not fair to distrust a man just because of how his father and brother did when they were elected President.

I despise anything similar to a dynasty but the fact is if it is fine for the Clintons and Kennedys to have political dynastys, it is fine for the right to do so as well.   I just want to win in 2012, and right now I don’t see anybody who is jockeying for position who is better than Jeb.

Sorry to sound like a little girl, but the article did change my way of thinking.  Probably written by somebody with Bush connections who is practicing mind-control over me.  Somebody help me. Am I falling for the Bush Texas Two Step again? 

John Doe

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