Quote of the day

“If tax cuts are spending and spending is an investment doesn’t that make tax cuts an investment?”

Posted by commenter called “Ed” on “The Hill” in response to The Moronic Rep. (Cal-R) Pete Stark’s comments in support of his–what else?–moronic bill to tax currency transactions.  Basically, he says it is just a small tax–0.005 percent–and such a tax on dollar transactions would raise $28 billion a year and reduce currency speculation by 14 percent.  “The money raised would be put toward investments in children, global health and climate change mitigation.”

What kind of dumbphuck does this?  It’s okay to raise taxes so long as we spend it to help good causes?  Here’s a clue you imbecile.  We are taxed enough already.  Just stop.  If you have some really good cause to spend our taxes on, spend it.  Don’t squander our taxes on shit that we don’t need, then try to raise more taxes for the really really good causes that still exist because you squandered our money in the first place.  Go die, you stupid arrogant p.o.s.

One response to “Quote of the day

  1. Lipton T. Bagg

    And one wonders why we leave California…


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