SJC Americans Fighting Socialism In Their Community

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Folks, if you are not doing this, or helping someone do this in your own hometown, you are giving Libs an opportunity to dig in like ticks!

The Brown and SJC Americans are a great template for home-spun community action.  Here is what they are up against this month:  City sanctioned parking areas for areas supporting over-saturated multi-family dwellings (thing 3 families living in a single 1 bedroom apartment). The city proposes to pay for this with local taxes or property tax dollars.

SJC Americans:

Good Evening Patriots!

Just wanted to bring to your attention an agenda item for tomorrow night’s meeting at 6:30 at City Hall.

If you have ever wondered what impact the Redevelopment Agency has on our City, this will be an eye opener.  The CRA, as it’s called, invokes eminent domain, REQUIRES the City to provide Affordable Housing and acts as a slush fund for the City Council.

In this case, item D1 on the CRA agenda is entitled “Downtown Global Parking Strategy”.  Does that sound like something our “village” of 35,000 needs?  Have you read Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand?  Socialism!  The City plans on taking parking from private property owners and then “sharing” it with other properties.

Current Council Member and former Mayor Mark Nielsen states  “Part of the essence of a small town is its ultimate sense of the extended family. At times some of the family may have to give in order to benefit the larger family.”  WOW!

Please consider expressing your view on this subject, either by speaking out at the City Council meeting or writing to the Council at  Even if you do not live in San Juan Capistrano, this concept may be coming to your City sooner than you think.

Unfortunately, we will not be here to attend but we hope some or many of you will take a stand against globalization of anything!


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