M. Savage…Stupidest Caller EVER!!!

And this person is allowed to vote???  I think Savage was very restrained in his responses to this caller. I know I would have went off the deep end and really hurt this person’s feelings.

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2 responses to “M. Savage…Stupidest Caller EVER!!!

  1. Serious here Mike…

    I’m aware Michal has requested, that Hillary intervene and request the New English [conservative] Govmint, allow Michal a passport, visa, stamp, valid fer the British Isles…

    Pray tell… why the [he] double toothpicks does Michal wanna go to the British Isles…

    There gotta be some kinda,a mano a mano thingie gonin’ here…?


    Can yah elucidate or educate me, with respect to some of my ignorant ways…why and… or for, what reason …Mike gives a large dump…fer the uninitiated…

    Does he wish to walk the moors or drink dark green tea from India…

    Hell…send him my email address…I can advise, half a dozen travel service’s that will sell him a ticket…!

  2. There is a term for people like her: Obama calls such people his political base.

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