File this under “NO SHIT SHERLOCK”

Karl Rove finally admits that he made a mistake allowing Democrats to lie about Bush supposedly lying about Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction.   For years the White House basically assumed the position and allowed lying thieving Democrat legislators (and their mouth pieces in the media) to completely re-write history and turn G.W. Bush’s greatest strength (at the time), his integrity, into his worst defect.  “Bush lied, troops died!” 

This complete fabrication is proof positive that if you repeat a lie often enough the American public will believe that it is true.  There are dozens of examples of those same people who claimed that Bush lied about WMD had also made the same or similar claims about the WMD.  There are videos of them making speeches.  Yet the White House sat mum for years and allowed them to get away with it.   The GOP lost the House and Senate in large part to that one repeated lie, over and over again. 

Karl Rove, you disgust me.  Sure, I’ll forgive you.  But just get the hell out of here and don’t ever try to sell me that  you are some political genius.  I saw immediately what the left was doing, and have been screaming for years that the White House should have fought back vigorously.  You sir, screwed up.  And I know I was not alone in the many voices that contemporaneously demanded that you fight back.  Yours was not mere inadvertence, it was gross  political malpractice.

John Doe

2 responses to “File this under “NO SHIT SHERLOCK”

  1. Karl Rove was a great campaign manager but was uneffective in the White House. But G.W. just like his dad was to much a gentleman politican. They let the lame street media run them over. The left has learn that if you tell a lie over and over then most of the public will believe it as fact.

  2. Jim, you fit right in here. Glad you found the place!

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