Obama GUILTY Of Violating Article 4 Section 4- TIME FOR A CITIZENS ARREST~ASAP (via THE MAD JEWESS)

Great Video! We all just need to follow through in November. Talk to your friends and neighbors, get them out to vote. We can get the right kind of change.


Obama GUILTY Of Violating Article 4 Section 4- TIME FOR A CITIZENS ARREST~ASAP U.S. Constitution – Article 4 Section 4 The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic Violence. Arizona is in dire straits as is Texas. First we had Clinton opening the borders and letting the scum infested invaders in, then the sono … Read More


23 responses to “Obama GUILTY Of Violating Article 4 Section 4- TIME FOR A CITIZENS ARREST~ASAP (via THE MAD JEWESS)

  1. “Mad Jewess” is a very appropriate title, because obviously the author of that blog is a raving lunatic!

    • No, the author of that blog isn’t a “raving lunatic” as you so ineptly put it. She is just mad, damn mad at the way the current administration is continually usurping more power away from the states and people and the way this administration believes that they are above the law.

      She’s just very good at expressing herself. 😉

      Regards, Mike

  2. Sheldon; Really. I dont suck Obamas nuts, and I am the lunatic- dont come to my friends blogs to make an ass out of the Jewish people, OK?

    You left wing STUPID White hating, Christian Hating, America Hating left wing Marxist Jews are really the spawn of the devil and should ROT in hell forever.
    Yimach Shmo Vizchero.

  3. Also, DOG:
    You dont even know the Constitution, or you would ALSO see that Obama is guilty of violating Artical 4 Section 4, you clueless yid.

  4. HI MR GUY!

    Glad that you took the courage to post this. The usurping MONSTER needs to go.
    As for being ‘mad’ as insane…Please, these Marxis,t psycho-jerk offs are enough to drive ANY person insane.

    But– you are very right, it is righteous indignation that has this Jewish 1/2 GOY-gal pissed off, mixed with a God like fury.


  5. themadjewess – Nice post! A little inflamatory, but so long as you a encouraging people to vote. Things have not yet gotten so bad we need start shooting people. However, I must admit some of the scoundrels do belong behind bars.

    Sheldon, here is a question for you? Is it just for government to redistribute the wealth? If it is just, then government effectively owns everything we each produce. That is, there is no just limit on the power of taxation. Here logic poses a problem, not religion or political theory. Logic poses the issue, but only religion can answer the question of right and wrong.

    What is just? Does our government protect the rights the individual or does the individual exist to serve the government? Categorize your answer any way you want; the fact is that you will base it on a religious belief.

    Sheldon, what is your religion? Does it teach you to love you neighbor or screw him out of everything he owns?

  6. Citizen;
    Sheldon is indoctrinated from Bolshevism, no doubt his family came from Russia or one of the Baltic states during the bolshevik revolt and he and his never got de-briefed.
    As far as being inflammatory, our forefathers were enraged over a percent, we have allowed tyranny for YEARS and dont say a word.
    time for the trash to go, one way or another.
    General Vallalai (I believe that is how it is spelled) said that a peaceful coup is an absolute necessity or blood will be on our hands, I agree with him.

  7. Unfortunately, if we don’t turn things radically around this next election, we will not be able to engineer a “peaceful coup.”

    Did you hear the scoop on this Donald Berwick? Obama has a majority in the Senate.

    —-NO, General Vallelei is suggesting that THEY go to the Capital and remove the pres. the v.p and the speaker. He is military, it is his job to keep us from bloodshed, retired or not.

  8. Lipton T. Bagg


    Have patience! I believe the electorate has recognized they made a mistake, and a correction will begin in NOvember.

    If we can survive the “lame duck (ass) Congress, I have to believe we will do fine. If not, there’s always Costa Rica…..


  9. I just hear that 46 War ships have been sent to Costa Rica!
    As far as all of this; I live WAY up in the mountains in AZ, 5,500 feet up. So, I am a little safe—in the meantime..

  10. Interesting thoughts…

    Unfortunately, if we don’t turn things radically around this next election, we will not be able to engineer a “peaceful coup.” ~tmj~

    Oh, Ooo…

    sedition [sɪˈdɪʃən]
    1. speech or behaviour directed against the peace of a state
    2. (Law) an offence that tends to undermine the authority of a state
    3. (Law) an incitement to public disorder
    4. Archaic revolt
    [from Latin sēditiō discord, from sēd- apart + itiō a going, from īre to go]

    tmj, of course we know you and some of those teabaggers are just funnin’ us… Hehehe…

  11. yeah, just funnin….
    I am not with them, because I am WAY too vocal, as is my husband, and in my town, they are just gop or bust.
    We need more than the GOP now.
    I did this video and they rejected us from my hometown T-party:

    • tmj, very catchy melody and powerful words…I’m thinkin’ …it might just become a classic!

      Just one thing…

      The melody, the words and the inspiration belongs to all Americans; not just a select few that identify with a sometimes, rather harsh group, of ultra-conservative activists.

  12. Talkin’ about crazy, insane, women; The leading [she thinks] delusional right wing Birther Movement website… is raging over a $20,000 sanction she was ordered to pay for filing one frivolous lawsuit after another…

    World’s Leading Obama Eligibility Challenge Web Site…

    This brief for stay was forwared to Hon. Assocate Justice of the Supreme Court Clarence Thomas


    I’m thinkin’ she gives herself entirely too much credit…My thought is; the loonies over WND deserve that distinction…!

  13. I dont believe that Obammy was born here either, but nobody will do anything anway.

    Taitz is a foreigner, and over-reactor, BUT she also lived under Soviets, so I can see her despair, she is afraid that the same will happen here.
    Frankly, I believe that we are too broke to go totally Commie, you must have $$ to do this type ‘transformation’

  14. I AGREE, Gramps, the song does belong to ALL people that LOVE America, even if they are nuttier than sh*thouse rats, like my Mom 😀

    • tmj, did you manage to scroll down far enough; thru that paranoid, inane, rambling brief…to read any of the sixty, wholesome, comments, at the end…?

      They think, I’m still afflicted with PTSD, almost fifty years later?

      Well, Ms Orly “My Honey” Taitz Esq. is way more squirrelly than I’ve ever been or was…

      BTW: tmj, it’s not unusual for a Mom to have issues with a dear, daughter that sometimes appears to make unexpected, departures from reality…

      If yah know what I mean…?

  15. Nah, I dont really read the site, not for mos. I see that nothing will be done anyway.

    BUT, I claim dibs here on the craziness issue, Gramps 😉

  16. Hey tmj,

    I gotta regretfully, relinquish that…benchmark…!

    Have you ever surmised that the reduced amount of oxygen at 5134 feet, amsl [above mean sea level] might have some effect on your thought processes…?

    Just surmisin’…

  17. NO Gramps, but me being the crazy I am, that sounds like FUN!

  18. Now, I’m concerned…

    Is actually “LOL”…

    Hey kiddo…hypoxia is not fun…

    Hey kiddo… are yah kiddin’ a kiddo…

    Gramps sends…

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