Alex Jones Video…Must See

Who the…(insert expletive here)…cares where Lebron James is going to play next year. I didn’t pay any attention to him last year or the year before that and I’m pretty damn sure I won’t care one whit what he does next year. Like Mr. Jones says in this video, it’s bread and circuses time for the masses…er…sheeple.

H/T Classic Liberal

Mike aka thatmrgguy

Cross posted from thatmrgguy

2 responses to “Alex Jones Video…Must See

  1. I donnoe is AJ certifiable…?

    AJ luvs his listeners…

    Others insist he is just AJ, bein’ AJ…

    It’s yer call Mike…!

  2. I Dunno Gramps….in that particular video, what he said seemed pretty spot-on to me. Just because you don’t care for the messenger, doesn’t neccesarily mean the message is bad. Although, in Obama’s case, everything that he’s espoused has turned in to bad news.

    I made the call Gramps.


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