82 year old man shot illegal aliens who were stealing his trailer

Illegals go free, man charged with attempted murder.  Man saw two men trying to steal his trailer.  He took his gun outside to foil their attempt.  They drove off, and according to the man “They almost ran over me.”  He shot at them, and hit one in the face.  Local do-gooder prosecutor has not charged the illegals, even though one confessed to the crime.  He has howevere charged the victim with twelve felony counts, including four counts of attempted first degree murder. 

Now I know that it is illegal to shoot at somebody who is merely stealing your stuff outside of your house.  We do not have the death penalty for theft. So unless you can claim self-defense, you will get charged with a crime.  But I would say that them trying to run him over would qualify.  The real question is why would the prosecutor press charges that he can’t get a conviction on? And not even bother charging the criminals with a case that is a lock?  Hell, not too long ago they hung horse thieves out in that neck of the woods.

The article ends: “Neighbors say the thieves should be the ones facing charges and Wallace should be given an award for protecting the neighborhood.”  I’d defend that old dude for free, unless there is more than is reported.

John Doe

3 responses to “82 year old man shot illegal aliens who were stealing his trailer

  1. OMIGD when and how did we lose our country so fast? Please make public the name of this “do good prosecuter”

  2. Eve, that would be Jefferson Co. District Attorney Scott Storey, according to Michelle Malkin:

    500 Jefferson County Parkway
    Golden, CO 80401

    Storey (no, I’m not calling him “Mr.”; he’s not worthy of the title) can be contacted here.

  3. Its gets worse – Check this link out.

    Sadly this will keep happening….We don’t hear about the stuff that goes unreported.Last week a little 13 year old girl was ran over in Northglenn ,Co. she will more than likely lose use of one of her limbs.Who was at the wheel…you guessed it an Illegal Immigrant on a cell phone.Vote Tancredo hopefully he will enforce laws like Arizona.

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