John Doe Returns!

I received an email from John today saying Ms. Doe is releasing him from confinement soon.  He appears to have enjoyed his time away from the rage of the Blogosphere, but his man-love for Gramps was so strong he had to return.

Besides, we are almost to 1 MILLION HITS!


12 responses to “John Doe Returns!

  1. OK Sarge…

    A million hits is…truly remarkable…
    A milestone, indeed…!

    Now I’m thinkin’ here…with yer fine command of English words…I’m thinkin’ yah most likely were an S3 Sergeant…

    Just surmisin’…

  2. Least yer completely, wrinkled, saggin’, posterior has fer gottin’…

    S-1, Personnel: processes awards, solves problems with pay, requests new troops for assignment, and addresses issues under UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice).

    S-2, Intelligence: collects data on enemy movement, strengths, and battlefield deployments, and makes recommendations for command. The S-2 office also handles security clearances, maintains the battalion/brigade’s Signal Operating Instructions and radio codes, and usually maintain’s the battalion’s map collection.

    S-3, Trainng and Operations: S3 has different missions in war and peace times. During peacetime, S3 schedules and monitors training within the unit and for subordinate units. For tactical operations, S3 plans all movements and deployments. S-3 is also responsible for ammunition supply.

    S-4, Supply: As implied by the name, Supply is the clearing house for all military materials. They handle requests for new supplies and replacement equipment, keep unit property books, and plan logistical movement of equipment. S-4 has no responsibility for ammunition supply.

    There yah go…!

  3. Lipton T. Bagg


    Since you asked, my MOSC was 18D. I also carried the following SQIs: B4, F7, W1, W8, Y1 and Y8. You should be able to find these in any TRADOC pub – or Google.

    I never worked formally for an S-3, but as a trainer I did perform similar mission work. But as you might surmise by the SQIs, I had plenty to do while in uniform.

    Oh, and I did do some professional “problem solving” after retirement, as many of us do to “stay in the game”. But I found after a couple engagements I had no stomach for that sort of “per-diem” work.

    If you know what I mean…


    • 18D…So you spent about a year at Fort Sam…Eh?

      If you have a CIB…did yah pull any teeth, do any tracheotomies or birth any babies?

      Our Docs pulled a lot of teeth…I administered dozens of morphine and procaine shots in the bush.

      Was known as the third …Bác sĩ.

      • Lipton T. Bagg


        I do not hold a CIB, but do hold both EFMB and CMB.

        Yes, I’ve done a coupe Crichothrotomies (commonly referred to as Trachs but technical different), a couple open chests and abds and one field appendectomy. Among other such things.

        Such as one vasectomy, but that’s a story for another day…


        • Expert Field Medical Badge [EFMB] and the Combat Medics Badge [CMB]…

          Sarge, you the kinda trooper I’d like to patrol with…
          I’m hopin’ yah ain’t dropped yer kit bag…

          ‘Iffen the poop hits dah fan…!

          H&K’s LTB…

          You’ll have to see the Chaplin with respect to yer personal problems…

  4. Hey LTB…

    It was not my intention to kick yer BP, up…trooper…

    I’ve truly been continually intrigued by your political thought process…

    Both of our birthrights are from similar generations…

    Luv yah soldier…!
    Just “thinkin…”

    Kick arse…!

  5. Clearly, Gramps, all that illicit drug use fried your brain. It is impossible to come to correct political opinions when your synapses ain’t firing on all cylinders. But we love you anyway!

    • Mon apologies…JD…

      I was not known as the third Bác si…

      I was affectionately referred too as the #3… Bác si…

      Two Doc’s per team and I was the commo guy…

    • Lipton T. Bagg


      “… It is impossible to come to correct political opinions when your synapses ain’t firing on all cylinders.”

      I’m sad to admit this, but that’s true on BOTH SIDES OF THE AISLE in the past few years.
      Political stupidity, a game both parties can play!

      I point most recently to Bob Bennett (RINO – Big Love Country) who had to take a bitter shot at Ms. Angle in NV. WTF does his loss – due to his own stupidity – have to do with taking out Dingy Harry?

      “…Jeez, what a moroon…” – Bugs Bunny

      This is one problem I’d love to see corrected, starting in November….


  6. Check w/LTB, with respect to our X-training…

    Jimbo dah geezer sends all the very best…!

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