Memo to Michael Steele: Just Resign!

I’ve been about as tolerant as anyone in the Blogosphere of Michael Steele. But his repeated gaffes and flaccid control of the RNC rudder now leads me to jump off the fence.

Michael Steele needs to go, and he needs to go ASAP.

Actually on reflection, I find many of the same weaknesses I chastise Obama for present in Steele.

He uses race as a crutch and a bludgeon.  He also uses it to defend his own ineptitude.  At first I thought this was inexperience, but I have now come to believe Steele indeed has a racial streak in him – and he can’t help but let it show.

  • He’s a weak leader, who cannot seem to inspire confidence among the party faithful.
  • If his list of “RNC-approved candidates” accurately reflects his political position, he’s more Statist than Conservative.  At very least, he has an insatiable love for “pet RINOs.”  Can you say “Dede Scozzafava?  Right, neither could I (without nausea)…
  • Steele’s inexperience as a leader on the national stage leads to a perpetual string on wrong-minded decisions on platform and party message .
  • Whether on or off-topic (or off teleprompter) the guy has terminal “foot in mouth” disease.  He is downright sophomoric in front of the press. And at times, more moron than sophomore.
  • All the above shortcoming work to repel, rather than attract, support for the RNC and its candidates – financial support inclusive.

Steele has many no-confidence votes within the party:

From Bill Kristol: “There are, of course, those who think we should pull out of Afghanistan, and they’re certainly entitled to make their case,” wrote Kristol, a consistent supporter of the Afghanistan war. “But one of them shouldn’t be the chairman of the Republican Party.”

Later in the same Weekly Standard column, Kristol specifically calls on Steele to step down immediately.

Liz Cheney called on Steele to resign, telling Politico in a statement that Steele’s comments were “deeply disappointing and wrong.”

“I endorse fully Bill Kristol’s letter to Chairman Steele,” she said. “It is time for Chairman Steele to step down.”

Karl Rove on Fox News in response to the Steele’s comments on the Afghanistan war:  “It was not a war of our choosing, it was a war of the Al Qaeda and Taliban’s choosing when Al Qaeda came to our shores on 9/11, launching attacks from bases inside Afghanistan and his e-mail last night shows that he understands that,” Rove said, who called Steele’s comments “knuckleheaded.“I guess his mouth got ahead of his brain for awhile but an e-mail to 162 members of the national committee is not going to still his critics.”

One can close his or her eyes, hit a random blog and find valid arguement for Steele’s dismissal.  But let me make mind short, and succinct:

Michael Steele lacks the experience, strength of character, conviction to cause and moral fiber to lead to Republican Party to victory in 2010 and beyond.  Mr. Stelle continues to display a surprising lack of Conservative values.  He has more times than not displayed the type of cold, crass indifference which surpasses symptoms of inexperience, instead denoting the air of arrogance and narcissism.  These are traits we cannot have in our leaders if Republicans hope to continue the propogation of Conservative values within our government.

Michael Steele is the wrong man for this job.  I call on him to do the proper thing, and hand the reins of the RNC to a more competent and deserving leader.


4 responses to “Memo to Michael Steele: Just Resign!

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  2. ..I like Mike but have to agree with you on this. He reminds me of your best friends who you keep fixing up with these great looking dollies and he keeps screwing up on the first date.

    Or like that time on Two-and-a-Half Men where Charlie shells out $1,500 for a hooker for his brother and Alan spends the whole night talking to her.

    To murder another metaphor, we got the bases loaded in a tie game with no outs and Steele coming to the plate. We should be looking at a grand slam here, but will probably end up with a ground rule double or, worse, a sac fly.

  3. Lipton T. Bagg


    I gotta tell you, as a betting man I’d be looking for Steele to hit into a double play to kill the inning. That’s been his track record thus far. And why I believe he needs to go now – before November gets any closer.


  4. I gotta tell you guys…I don’t much like the idea of a national party chair who the politicians are answerable to. It seems to me, the politicians should be answerable to their constituents, not some person with a fancy title who can make policy decisions for the entire party. Folks in California have different wants and needs than people in South Carolina or Maine. Their elected officials are sent to Wash. D.C. to see to their constituent’s needs, not the wants of someone like Micheal Steele.

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