Elena Kagan dog and pony show

I refuse to watch.  I refuse to read about it.  Seeing gutless Senators roll over and play dead is not my cup of tea. 

I remember vividly the Bork hearings.  Real men of conviction stood up to Bork just because they hated his conservatism.  Teddy Kennedy lied about Bork, and blustered, and spewed rabid spittle.  They made up in red-faced feigned outrage what they lacked in good reasons to oppose Bork. 

And the Justice Thomas confirmation hearings were even better.  I recall having to make a business road trip to South Carolina.  I would twist the dial on my radio frantically when the station that I was listening to went out of range, trying to find a new one providing coverage of the hearing.  What lie, what preposterous low would the left reach for next? 

Did I mention that I hate leftys and everything that they stand for?  But I do admire their fighting spirit.  Leftys get elected so that they can foist their anti-American agenda on the rest of us.  Republicans, by and large, get elected so that they can hold onto the office.  They usually do not really want a fight, they want to “get along.” 

Well fuck that.  Fight you lazy bastards.  Oppose this ignorant bitch just because she is a liberal.  Just because she was born and raised in one of the most liberal areas of our nation.  For God’s sake, we already have two other women exactly like her on the bench. And oh by the way, can’t you fucking ignorant liberals find any women smart enough to sit on the Supreme Court who were born outside of New York City?  Are all the other liberal women who aren’t born in NYC retards unfit for elevation?       

We’ve already seen the standard that Senator Barack Obama had for opposing conservative appointees based solely upon their conservative views.  He voted against them.  So fuck that stuff about confirming liberals so long as they aren’t axe murderers and are–arguably at least minimally in Kagan’s case–qualified.

Fight the liberals in the ocean.  Fight them in the air. Fight them on the beaches, and in the hedgerows, in the fields, in the streets, in the halls of Congress and in the courts of justice.  Fight them now.  This bitch could be ruling us with an iron fist for another forty plus years if we don’t.  If the liberals don’t ruin our country before then.  FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

John “F Leftys!” Doe

10 responses to “Elena Kagan dog and pony show

  1. Lipton T. Bagg


    I have little interest in ever seeing Kagan again – not on the SCOTUS, not on TV, nor in any show with a dog or a pony.

    Excuse me, I just made myself ill…


  2. Will the White Race Survive?

    [no David Duke here, thanks]

  3. Sooooo….You reckon that was his campaign speech?

  4. Lipton T. Bagg

    Yeah, I’m debating on this one.

    One one hand, what Duke is saying is not so bad. On the other hand, it’s David Duke.

    A mixed bag it is…


    • Well, when I saw who it was, I almost turned it off. But then I decided, what the hell…might as well see what the old crank has to say. Actually very moderate by Duke’s usual standards.

  5. Hey JD…

    Now I know I’m a geezer…

    I know… I just squirt isopropyl alcohol into my armpits instead of takin’ a shower…

    But hey JD…
    I’m thinkin’ some anger management counseling may be in order…

    But what the hell do I know…?

  6. Man is this cool…or what…

    The NRA actually gets it right…?

  7. One aging wag, wrote on another site…

    Needs moar site adjustment…
    Sharron shot from the wrong Angle…


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