Today is my brother’s birthday

I haven’t spoken with him in probably fifteen years.  I haven’t seen him in twenty-three years.

It started out in an innocuous manner.  He dumped his girlfriend of many years, and whom the family loved, and married some widow Polack who supposedly got a lot of money from insurance when her first husband died.  I didn’t really care for her, but she seemed to make him happy.  They treated me fine when I went to visit them with my new wife.  We had a great time going to see the Tigers play.  I wasn’t living in Michigan and only got up there for visits 1-2 times per year. 

But my sister and father could not stand her.  They tried to be polite, but she was a royal bitch to them.   Long story short, she gave my brother an ultimatum: either ditch his family or she would leave.   He ditched us.  All of us.  He has not voluntarily spoken to any member of my entire extended family in years.  

My father stopped in unannounced one day, to see his grandson.  The wife took one look at him and slammed the door. 

After a couple of years of no contact, my sister got in touch with the ex-in-laws of the bitch.  Turns out she had done the exact same thing to their son.  He refused to see them, or to let them see their grandson, and even once they found out he was dying of cancer, she refused to allow them to visit him in the hospital. 

Nevertheless, I broke down and called my brother when my father died, trying to get him to attend the funeral.  Nope, “too much water under the bridge.” 

I even surprised him once again, shortly thereafter, and called him on his birthday.  He answered, and seemed genuinely happy that I had called. 

When I asked if we could become reconciled (even though I had never done anything to become alienated), he sounded cautious.  He would have to check with his wife.  He suggested that I write her a letter.  Sure, I said, whatever, I’ll do it.  Her reply was nasty, vile and evil.  She wanted nothing to do with us. 

I haven’t tried since.  Old friends ask me about him, and it pains me to tell them I have no clue.  Extended family likewise ask me about him.  My nephew, who was maybe ten when his uncle deserted him, still asks about him at least 4x a year.  But now it is anger, such as “I’d love to go kick ‘Uncle Ricky’s” ass!”

I don’t blame him.  I’d love to resort to violence, too.  But what I would really like is for him to grow a pair of balls.  What kind of man would allow himself to be manipulated into giving up his entire family?  And this bitch found at least two such spineless worms.  I sure hope there is a hell, and a very hot place reserved therein for this evil woman. 

Sorry, seeing that it was June 29th brought that out and I just had to vent.

John Doe

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