Must Watch Video!…Pete Stark Ridicules Constituents

This Ed McMahen  look-a-like should have retired years ago. In a room full of American citizens, many of them naturalized, Legal Immigrants, in Fremont, California, this jackass, Pete Stark, shows nothing but contempt for the people who he works for. This “man”, who campaigned on the fact that his predecessor had been in office too long, 28 years, has been in office for 38 years. From the comments made by the folks in that townhall meeting, I’d say “Mr.” Stark’s days are numbered as a representative of the Fremont district. At least we can hope.

Watch video here>

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2 responses to “Must Watch Video!…Pete Stark Ridicules Constituents

  1. Hey tmg…
    The above was only slightly OT…Hehehe!

    Gramps is gettin’ to olde fer bloggin’ or ridin’ BIG K, bikes fer that matter!

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