Daily Archives: June 27, 2010

How to stop the anarchists from protesting?

Sorry.  Those protesters burning vehicles bring out the worst in me.  I. Would. Like. Some. Of. Them. Hurt.   RREEAAL BAD.  

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t want people hurt in general. I think in the long run it is best for society. If people who are protesting know that they could be hurt, real bad, they might think twice before protesting.  People get hurt when protesters burn things and get out of control.  Remember the people who fried when the Greek protesters burnt the bank.  Shoot a few of them.  Jail more of them. Get control.  This almost seems like it is a sport, where these mindless fruitcake go from venue to venue as professional protesters.  Give them a little something to worry about next time. 


Want less of this? Jumping on police car before burning it

More of this! Rubber bullets. Not as effective as lead, but it will do


John Doe

Sports Imitating Life – FIFA Edition

Seen today on The Sun (UK) Website – referring to the defeat of England’s soccer team in World Cup play:

By sheer coincidence, I found a similar note about “America’s Team” (said tongue in cheek, I assure you):

See?  Sports does at times imitate life!

Is it November yet?????