17 seconds of pure joy

Mildly NSFW

4 responses to “17 seconds of pure joy

  1. I keep wondering what is going on in that family. How will having such a hawt (mom, big sister, Dad’s girlfriend, whatever, drumming around nude affect the two young boys exposed to her. Will they run around like St. Bernards, drooling for the rest of their lives?

    Or am I just making too much of her nekkedness?

  2. After a second viewing I think this is a set-up–her surprise at being “caught” seems like acting to me. Plus, it seems they were careful that no naughty bits were actually seen. Why they would have the two kids around in that case, though, I cannot say…funny how there is a kind of pure joy to the thing, however it may have come about.

  3. She reminds me of a hotter Julia Roberts.

    And hey, where do you play online chess Robert?

  4. John–I play at the Free Internet Chess Server. I don’t have AOL but hey, maybe we can get in a game sometime, somewhere.

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