The Enemy Of My Enemy Is My Friend

Today, it’s so with none other than Geraldo Rivera.

Like him, hate him (for me, it’s been more the later) but I must acknowledge that in spite of his politics and positions at times, he’s maybe the finest “old-school” reporter in the field these days.  And his take on the Rolling Stone reporter is so spot-on it nearly inspires man-love.

John and I have had a spirited discussion on this event, and left some commentary here and here.  Listen to Geraldo’s comments on context, especially in reference to military people when they believe they are “off the record”.  I could not find a better description of this free-lance reporting azzhole than “A Rat In An Eagle’s Nest”.


10 responses to “The Enemy Of My Enemy Is My Friend

  1. “A Rat In An Eagle’s Nest”.

    Eay yah…

    Let’s say you had fallen into a slit trench whilst taking a dump in a combat zone… would this general have recommended you for your Bronze Star…?

    The latest exhibition of “professional behavior” in Rolling Stone; on the part of the good General McChrystal, was only his third bite of the same apple…really!

    Don’t cry for me Argentina…Oh don’t cry for me…

    Olde Sergeant sends…

    • Lipton T. Bagg


      I’m not defending McChrystal, really. I have liked him as a tactician but there are other things about him I find disturbing. He’s a mixed bag.

      The whole incident need not of happened, but the good news is that with Petraeus, we will get a heads-up military leader devoid of the other hyperbole.

      Doesn’t excuse the scumbag responsible for the article however, ergo the post…


  2. i LOVE how Obama hires HIS man, then gets pissed because HIS man criticizes HIS boss 3 times and then HIS boss gets a hissy fit to show his daughters HE IS THE “MAN” , so he fires him….and hires BUSH’s MAIN MAN ! ! ! now, how come it is not BUSH’s fault that Bush is smarter than Obama…….if O knew ANY better, he would toss the keys to the mansion to the Butler, who would do a better job…..

    • Hey Frank…

      Do you sober up by sippin’ Wodka about 1500 hours…or do you hit the caps lock key by mistake, whilst tryin’ to type wid both hands?

      Maybe you’d better off wid the “hunt ‘n peck” method…

      Eay yah…?

  3. Can it possibly be that… I’m the only dude, that hasn’t suffered from foot in mouth disease…?

    I doubt that slideshow will quench the demons in the good General’s mind…

    Actually scuttle butt has it, that; Dah Boss, liked a sip ‘er two…
    [I’m still hoping for a third source, before I start spreading rumors]
    Maybe they were tippin’ Bah moi Bahs during the interviews…

    Well hell, who wouldn’t under those revoltin’ conditions…?

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