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The Enemy Of My Enemy Is My Friend

Today, it’s so with none other than Geraldo Rivera.

Like him, hate him (for me, it’s been more the later) but I must acknowledge that in spite of his politics and positions at times, he’s maybe the finest “old-school” reporter in the field these days.  And his take on the Rolling Stone reporter is so spot-on it nearly inspires man-love.

John and I have had a spirited discussion on this event, and left some commentary here and here.  Listen to Geraldo’s comments on context, especially in reference to military people when they believe they are “off the record”.  I could not find a better description of this free-lance reporting azzhole than “A Rat In An Eagle’s Nest”.


Why I do not pay attention to the Al Gore sex scandal

First, there may be something to it if  Tipper left Fat Albert because of it.  But really, the complainant did not file a police report for years afterwards? Come on. 

Anybody who did not report it immediately has an ulterior motive in my book.  Just because she filed a report does not make it true.  Might be, might not be, but no prosecutor would pursue a he-said, she-said case where the witness waited so long to complain.  Unless the guy was so stupid that he confessed to the cops.  Albert may be an idiot, but he isn’t stupid. 

My guess is she spoke to some lawyer and was told to file a belated report.  Civil court has a much lower standard of proof.  Is it “more likely than not” that she is telling the truth.  If the jury believes  her, she can win.  I don’t think she will win.  Albert can afford the best lawyers, and she probably is not a saint.  They will put her character on trial, and she will lose. 

She’ll accept some minor out of court settlement before that happens, conditioned upon a gag order.   Hopefully Albert learned from Bubba Clinton that you don’t mess with chicks who are suing you for making unwanted sexual advances.  Bad things happen. 

John Doe

p.s.  Fatty supposedly got angry, as though he was expecting more.  Guess they should have explicitly warned Fat Albert beforehand:  “No happy ending!”