USA soccer


I keep looking for a reason to support soccer. My kids played it. I coached it.  I played a little in high school and college.  It is hockey without the checking.  Football with out the tackling. Yeah, it is a girly-man’s sport, at least in the U.S.A. We throw our time and effort into sports that are lucrative.  Soccer ain’t, at least in the U.S.

By John Doe, if you couldn’t guess…

Yeah, I cheered when the women’s team won in the Olympics.  Who don’t love a winner?  But come on, other than that chick who tore off her shirt after the win, what was the big deal in the long run?

  Brandi what was her name??

Warning: This is not an officially sanctioned Rule 5 post.  Smitty is absolutely McChryastal clear that all Rule 5 posts must be P.G. rated.  

Body paint and nipples doesn’t cut it, now does it Sir Smittymeister!? 

Nevertheless, we shall press on, looking, searching aimlessly, for a reason to dig soccer.

Surely, somewhere, there has to be an end to our search. Perhaps the Argentina soccer cheerleaders?

Or the German goalie?

Or Hawtness contortionists?!

Why, oh why, do they go nuts over soccer? Or Futball, as the great un-washed masses, who have yet to discover the joys of toilet paper, are want to call it.

Oh, sorry, I already posted that nipple-less photo.

 While I cannot be totally positive, I am 99% positive that Gramps, our resident wonderful all around guy, would approve!

Hurryin to the nekked chicks...where are the nekkid chicks!!?

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