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ANOTHER reason to hate vevuzelas

Almost, but damn, not quite, USFW


What I sometimes do when I ain’t blogging late at night

I play chess on line. But first I pull up Hallelujah from here. I listen to Lee DeWyze’s version last.  Just axe my family, they’ll tell you it is true.


USA soccer


I keep looking for a reason to support soccer. My kids played it. I coached it.  I played a little in high school and college.  It is hockey without the checking.  Football with out the tackling. Yeah, it is a girly-man’s sport, at least in the U.S.A. We throw our time and effort into sports that are lucrative.  Soccer ain’t, at least in the U.S.

By John Doe, if you couldn’t guess…

Yeah, I cheered when the women’s team won in the Olympics.  Who don’t love a winner?  But come on, other than that chick who tore off her shirt after the win, what was the big deal in the long run?

  Brandi what was her name??

Warning: This is not an officially sanctioned Rule 5 post.  Smitty is absolutely McChryastal clear that all Rule 5 posts must be P.G. rated.  

Body paint and nipples doesn’t cut it, now does it Sir Smittymeister!? 

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Sojournors: God wants you to give us money because of the oil spill, er something like that

I couldn’t make this crap up.  Here verbatum is an email sent from those scum at Sojournors.  Remember God, or Gaia as some progressives call him her it (please forgive my blasphemy Lord; I was just doing it to make a point about what nuts liberals are) is a liberal who believes in saving the planet and global warming and all that crap. 

“Dear Tram (Don’t axe–it’s the false name on my yahoo email account)

 “We’re leading Christians across the nation in a faithful, prayerful conversion in response to the Gulf oil spill.”

“And we’re ready for the next steps!”

Help us raise $25,000 today!

“The earth’s open wound gushing in the Gulf of Mexico appears to be weeks or months away from a viable solution. The stage is now set for a long-term crisis response struggle between BP, the government, and the people most affected by the spill.”

“Meanwhile, new polls show that the American public is becoming less concerned about global warming and its effects.1 The Gulf catastrophe presents an enormous reality check of our failure to care for God’s creation.”

“Because one of Sojourners’ top three long-term priorities [what are the other two?  Keeping democrats in control of the WH and Congress? Supporting the Jihad against the U.S.A.?] is creation care, we’re committed to providing a faithful response to the disaster in the Gulf – informing, resourcing, and moving Christians to action. Last month we asked you to join our Sustainers Circle and support our work on this and all issues.”

[Sorry–I neglected to join your Sustainer Circle!]

“Today, we are again asking you to fund this important work.

“We’re inviting you to give a gift of $25, $50, or $100 to help us move progressive faith activists to work for better legislation, as well as educate the public about the need to reduce our own energy use.”  Do it for the children! Save the whales.  Mother Gaia told us to tell you give, damn it!  ~Okay, I made up those last three sentences, but you know they sounded right in character with the moron who wrote this email.   

“Jim Wallis and other faith leaders will soon be heading to the Gulf for a listening tour with our partners at the Sierra Club. Jim wants to let the people there know that the nation is in this together and that he is ready to listen. Sojourners will use our media platforms and relationships with the press to challenge the churches to action.

“Since we last wrote, here is what we’ve already accomplished:

  • We sought the responses of your fellow Sojourners in the Gulf region. Their cries, in the form of prayers, reflections, and songs, are being published in a “Voices from the Gulf” series on our God’s Politics blog and are helping inform our work on this issue.
  • We invited you to make a “Pledge to the Next Generation,” taking responsibility for our oil addiction and seeking conversion. Thousands of you have already pledged and shared your commitment in our Facebook community.
  • We convened top national faith leaders, in a phone call with Sen. John Kerry, to hear his proposal for energy and climate legislation and to make recommendations to increase his bill’s care for the most vulnerable communities.
  • We collected prayerful and theological responses to images from the disaster, which will be featured in our August Sojourners magazine.”

“Because this is a problem that will not be easily solved or forgotten, we will continue to find faithful and creative ways to remind people that transformation of our nation’s energy sector is more important than ever. Our work is always a blend of vision with partnership – sometimes with other key faith leaders, but most frequently with you. Our faithful readers make our work possible. Will you give today?”  [Here, biotch.  Take my last, oil-stained greenback, the only one that I didn’t lose to my Texas Hold ’em buds on Monday, and choke on it!]


Lisa, Leah, Rob, and all your friends at Sojourners

You. Cannot. Make. This. Shit up. 

John Doe


Anybody else wonder how the Rolling Stones reporter lives with himself?

Hey, I got the top general in Afghanistan fired!  I am so cool!  Now all my liberal friends will love me.  I’m famous for a day.  I’m a worthless piece of shit. I would never serve in our military.  I despise America and hate our involvement in Afghanistan. 

I’d gladly report anything that hurt the cause or hampered morale or even got people killed if it helped my career.  Hey, if they don’t want top-secret information published, then they shouldn’t let it get disseminated out into the public where I can get my hands on it.  Hmmm. Now that Petraeus has been appointed as the new commander, I wonder if I can destroy his career next?!!!

If I am wrong, if he even has a conscience, my guess is he convinces himself that if he didn’t publish it, somebody else would.  In any case, he is a piece of shit in my book.  Sorry, I’m old school.  I would never report something like this that cost a guy, any guy, his job just because it was his opinion. 

John Doe

Gen. Stanley McChrystal Relieved Of Command – Petraeus To Assume Command

Just as I suspected – an act of ego, not pragmatism.

Here’s the thing: A military leader still answers to his civilian leadership. This is one of the checks and balances which protects our way of life and prevents us from becoming another junta-controlled banana republic. Our military – as designed- does not work effectively when criticism and back-biting is done in public.

Yes, even when the criticism is justified.  It’s the way military chain of command MUST work.

Many in the Blogosphere are drawing parallels between Obama/McChrystal and Truman/MacArthur. And while IMHO neither of todays players can but stand in the shadows of their predecessors  – Obama damn sure isn’t Truman (yikes!) and McChrystal sure isn’t MacArthur –  there is commonality in the cases: a failure of civilian leadership to hear the plight and needs of those who have boots on the ground which triggers public rebuke by the military leadership.

By all accounts (I never met McChrystal) he is a proud – perhaps arrogant – man who carries substantial disdain for those in “suits” along with rabid respect for his troops. Fair enough, but in my career I also worked beside other proud leaders with similar traits – and famous last names such as Abrams, Patton, White, Westmoreland and Powell – who had similar concerns about civilian leadership but (mostly) checked their public voice at the door. Because it’s what the job demands.

And let’s not forget McChrystal has his share of valid criticism to bear. His restrictive engagement policies have led to demonstrable increases in death and injury – specifically for Infantry and Marine “first contact” teams. This for the sake of soothing the political beast. One would have thought Korea and Vietnam taught us better but alas, I fear not.

IMHO, McChrystals greatest tactical blunder is speaking his mind for a dumb-ass liberal wonk rag like Rolling Stone which would never give account for “this is how military guys speak privately” and filter accordingly.  Today’s MSM in general looks for the dirty laundry – the killer sound byte – instead of the depth of the story. Being a reasonably good tactician,  McChrystal should have known he was exposing himself and his team to a PR flanking maneuver. Even if he is correct (which by all accounts he is) their snarks should have remained behind closed doors and in privileged company. And in the end, such open disrespect weakens morale and military discipline. It cannot be allowed. Showing public disdain for the chain-of-command would get a private or sergeant UCMJ punishment. Like crooked politicians, Generals cannot be “above the law”.

Obama’s best move would have been to censure McChrystal and put him back to work. However,  Obama acted on ego (his MO), McChrystal is gone.  Watch the Afghan government relationship with the US fall further into disrepair (McChrystal was about all holding that alliance together) and troop morale bottom out for the remainder of the year while new leadership is found and installed. Troop deaths and injuries will rise due to the indecisiveness inherent to instability.  The mission will flounder rudderless until Petraeus (a good officer, IMHO) get his arms around the battle plan.  This will not be seamless; and being that both Generals are tactically dissimilar (except for willingness to bribe insurgent leaders for cooperation) and confusion will filter through the ranks for weeks, if not months to come.

Obama will blame it on McChrystal – and of course, Bush.  We can only hope for another commonality:  As MacArthur helped end Truman’s presidency I hope this move seals the fate of Obama’s.  I’ll accept anything at this point to see the “Colon-In-Chief” shown the door going OUT.


They had me at “She was hot and sweaty, dirty, and very slippery!”

The following is directly from KSL.com:

A man was pulled over, posting business signs on the side of the road. Sylvina Beagley pulled up next to him and got out of her car.

“Unique thing about that was that, uh she was not wearing any clothes,” McLachlan said.

Then she decided to steal his car, driving north toward West Valley City.

The man jumped into her abandoned car and followed Beagley, while dialing 911.

At 5300 South, she crashed into a gate on ATK property and ran. Officers eventually caught up with Beagley, but they couldn’t quite physically catch her.

“She did have blood on her body from the initial crash. She was hot and sweaty, dirty, and very slippery. She managed to escape the grasp of the two officers,” McLachlan said.

And she was off again! This time she got into a squad car and drove away, only to crash into another gate, hit a burm and soar 50 feet in the air.

Beagley didn’t stop there either. She ran from the totaled car and scaled a barbed wire fence.

Officers realized a Taser was necessary to stop her, and so it ended.

I really really really would like to hear her story.  And picts would be nice! 

John Doe

Obamassiah Poster “defaced” not news. NYDaily News asking if defacement was “racist” is news

H/t Drudge Report.  So I went to see what the fuss was about, and below is a picture from the New York Daily News.  (My cousin in law was the Editor there for a short while.) 

I see the picture and think to myself, “So what? Why is this “news”?” Then I click on a poll at the site which asked: 

Obama Defaced

Was this simply a political statement, or a case of racism against the President?

I took the poll and was astounded by the results.  I thought it would be a bunch of liberal New Yorker’s.  Though I realize the results might be skewed by the link from Drudge, nevertheless the polling numbers warmed my heart! 

Still, it is pretty damn sad that the “reporter” even bothered to write the silly article, and that the Editor unwisely chose to publish it. 

Eat dirt and die you liberal sucking pigs.  To “deface” der Fuehrer’s photo is not “racist,” it is one of the  highest forms of political dissent, not to mention evidence of good sense and sound judgment!

John Doe