Rep. Joe Barton, R-Tx, was right!

Here is a post that I originally wrote as soon as the news came out about what Rep. Joe Barton said, but I was too cowardly to post it.  Lipton and ThatMrGuy can verify, if they bothered to read saved drafts, that I wrote it June 17 at 2:47 pm.  But I did not trust my original (and correct) take on matters. It was only after I read others voice the same concerns that I finally had the nerve to post it.  The main voice of reason was Thomas Sowell.  Read his words carefully and let them sink in. 

Yes, Charles Krauthammer is correct: It was the most incredibly stupid move, from a purely political perspective, in recent memory.  But the reason it was stupid is because the American public does not always want to know the truth.  They do not always come to the right conclusions on all the issues. When somebody hurts, they want to lash out. Likewise, when America is in a crisis, Americans want asses kicked.

But we are a nation of laws.   Obama used all the power of his office to bully BP into making a donation of $20 billion dollars.  He had his Attorney General on hand, threatening to pursue criminal charges against BP officials if they refused to play along.  Do you morons know what criminal charges are? That’s where they LOCK YOU UP if you are convicted.  What idiot company would not pony up whatever amount der Fuehrer President Obama demanded under those circumstances?

Now, you hippy acid tripping skinny suckers who claim to drive big motor siccles (you know who you are, Gramps) might be going “Yeah!  Make those corporate thieves PAY!  Go Obama!”  But you are wrong. You don’t coerce companies into giving money to a slush fund that somebody that the President controls, no matter how bad the circumstances.  That isn’t the American Way, that’s the Hugo Chavez Way, or the Fidel Castro Way.

Pay attention, Gramps: If,  IF, BP broke the law, then charge them. Don’t let them off for a $20 Billion donation.  If BP has caused injury due to its negligence, let the courts handle it, or let the system of claims processing handle it. 

Okay, in all my shame, here is what I originally wrote but was too much of an F’n pussy to publish: 

“It is a tragedy of the first proportion that a private corporation can be subjected to what I would characterize as a shakedown, in this case a $20 billion dollar shakedown,” Rep. Joe Barton said.

We are a nation of laws.  The way that the system used to work before Obama is that if you or your company commits an act for which you are legally liable, then you may be sued and if found liable, then you must pay.

Look at the precedent that this sets.  Once there is a large enough catastrophe, the President gets involved and orders the suspected wrong-doer to put billions in an account over which the President has oversight.  The next airline disaster, before it is even determined what caused the crash, is Obama going to strong-arm them, too?  Or a more apt analogy, before they can even put out the flames, will he be calling for a pop of gold from the airline and the manufacturer?

Unless they know something that I do not know, it has not even been determined who caused the catastrophe.

5 responses to “Rep. Joe Barton, R-Tx, was right!

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  3. Perhaps I just did not realize how popular robbery could be, but I wrote my piece, and I put it on my website.
    And no, I don’t think Barton said anything stupid. In fact, in my next post I defended him. I just think Barton lost his nerve when he apologized for his apology.

    Because he was put under a lot of pressure, I can forgive Congressman Barton for losing his nerve. Even if he retracted it, he was one of very few elected officials who had the guts to say what he thought. What I find harder to forgive is the American people. How can we be so stupid?

  4. I consider Tom my alter-ego. He’s the nice guy I wish I were. And the smart guy. And the handsome guy. The guy who held the door while I fumbled with my keys. He says the things I wish I had thought of. DOH! Why dint I think of what CT said??

  5. John Doe – Thanks for the compliment. It is more than I deserve.

    For the most part, all I try to do is see things the way I think the Founders would. I guess you might call me an originalist.

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