My son the preacher

I had the surreal experience of hearing my older child (almost 22) deliver a sermon in a small country church on Father’s day. 

Background. I did not want to go.  It was 90 some odd miles away outside of Farmville, Virginia. The wife nagged, cajoled, browbeat and shamed me into going.  I went on the premise that she had to drive so that I could sleep in the backseat on the way.  But I still resented having to go. 

We got there 15 minutes early, my daughter and I still groggy from sleeping all the way.  My son and his young wife were standing out in the parking lot, looking even younger than they are.  A dozen cars or less were scattered about the parking lot.  I prepared for the worst. 

I was pleasantly surprised at how friendly everybody was.  Very informal, no coats or ties.  And some kids were of obvious mixed race.  This is outside Farmville, where some of the worst “Massive Resistance” occurred. One of the original lawsuits which culminated in Brown v. Board of Education was filed over the segregated Farmville Public School system that was “separate but equal” almost sixty years ago.  Fifty-three years ago the Prince Edward Board of Supervisors refused to appropriate money for public schools and closed them down in response to the Brown Supreme Court decision.  To see blacks and whites living in peace warmed my heart. 

Son was asked to preach as a potential candidate for the new preacher.  Old one is gone and church is looking for a replacement.  I hope they don’t choose him, and if they do, I  hope he does not take it.  But I would never tell him that.  I’m just basing it on my own experience. I wasn’t mature enough at thirty, let alone at twenty-one, to be the leader of a band of Christians.  Nothing against my son–he is a great kid, but…

Anyway, he did a great job.  He talks faster than I could ever dream of doing. No pauses.  No “umms” or “ahhhs,”  or “you know”s, or “and he was like”s or other irritating fillers.  He barely relied on his notes. It was interesting.  And  he convicted me by saying what a great father I was and how influential I  had been in his life–I know I’ve been a barely adequate father.  I worked too often in his developmental years, then would often come home and veg with a beer in my hand and barely enough energy to give him any attention. 

Basically, I worked and my wife did a great job of raising the kids.  Yeah, my son developed my love of alcohol.  Fortunately he waited until he was twenty-one.  I started when I was twelve.  I refused to ride a bike for his entire life, hoping that he would not inherit my love of motorcycles.  As soon as he turned twenty-one, he bought one.  He has several tattoos, which I despise.  But he is a conservative, a Christian, a fine husband, and a wonderful person. I only wish my father and grandfather could see him now.  They would be soooo proud. 

Not to leave out my beautiful, perfect in every way daughter, but this article was more about my son.  In the end, I’m glad we went, even though we did not get back from church until about 3:00 p.m.  No, I won’t make a habit of going if the church selects him.  I begrudgingly go to my own church an hour a week.  

John Doe

p.s. Yes, I’m a Christian.  I just don’t like church very much.  Perhaps if they made it more masculine.  Or if we held it out on the golf course.  Or we could have it Saturday night with a couple of rounds of beer on the house.   But that is a topic for another day.

9 responses to “My son the preacher

  1. I just don’t like church very much. Perhaps if they made it more masculine.

    I dont like going to the Synagogue, so I go to the church 😀

  2. I’m really glad you got to see your son preach JD. I bet it filled him with tremendous pride to have his Dad in the congregation.

  3. Hey Mad, what kind of church? I only went to a Synagogue once, when my friend’s father died. It was very sad so I probably didn’t get a good impression of what it is all about.

    • OK, Joe, shh 😀
      I go to this Holy Roller church that play really super great music, I like to sing. Plus, I am half a Jew, my mom is Jewish, and we are cryptos, which is Italian, Portuguese or Spanish, and most of us are Catholic/Christian friendly, I am.
      I hate to be nasty, but I happen to like being around non-Jews more than Jews. Most that I lived near were left wing nuts. I’m a HATERRRR.. But, seriously, living in NYC and then moving away, I see that there is LIFE on earth, thank GOD!!!!

  4. Whoops, JOHN! Sorry! John is most beloved by God, that is what John means.

  5. John:
    Gender: Male
    Origin: Hebrew
    Meaning: God Is Gracious, beloved by God.

  6. He he. I used to live in Miami, NYC of the south. I am not sure if all the Jews were so nasty (mean, loud-mouthed, obnoxious etc,) because they were Jews or because they were New Yawkers. Having become a transplanted southerner, I suspect it was the latter.

    But the only Jews there that I got to know well were “perfected” Jews who converted to Christianity. I even attended a few “Jews for Jesus” street festivals (I think that was the name of the group). They played Jewish sounding music, but with a bite, and passed out street literature to Jews and otherwise tried to engage them in dialogue.

    I’ve been to all kinds of churchs, and have no problems with any of the “holy roller” churchs, so long as they preach the gospel and stay away from crazy ass shit such as snakes and faking miracle cures. Not my cup of tea, but whatever works to get people in church is the way I see it.

    • John;

      I hate to be so nasty, but it has nothing to do with NY and everything to do with forsaking their faith and trust in God and replacing it with $$.
      God picked the Jew for a reason; To show the world he is very loving. It is almost dang near impossible to love a Jewish person for a non-Jew., especially a left wing secular one.

      Right Wing patriotic Jews- they are fun, Jews for Jesus NEVER bothered me, because I am not closed up to the New Testament 😉

  7. No problem, TMJ. I have a cousin who is married to a Jew from NYC. He’s actually quite nice. He is a commie (in my book, if not self-professed) vegetarian who thinks Obama is too conservative, but still a gentleman about his idiotic beliefs. And I can’t tell who is more “progressive”, him or my D.C. raised cuz. Natch, they now live out in the left coast.

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