Keith Olberman Develops Male(?) PMS, Leaves Daily Kos

Two comments.  Good riddance, and who fu*king cares?  I subscribe to the “the best Keith is less Keith” principal anyhow.

h/t Another Black Conservative (which has my other site Viewed From The Right as its Blog Of The Day – TY!)

After panning The Won’s oil spill speech, Keith Olberman found the Kool Aid drinkers at Kos up in arms over his comments. What got Olberman’s goat was a diary that claimed he panned the speech to boost his ratings. Being every bit as thin skinned as The Won himself, Olberman had a hissy fit and quit Kos.

Part of Olberman’s rant I find particularly interesting is:

If I can understand people’s frustration with seeing a speech by a Democratic president criticized in a venue such as mine, why is it impossible for some people here to accept my frustration about the speech? You don’t agree with me, fine. You don’t want to watch because you don’t agree with me, fine. But to accuse me, after five years of risking what I have to present the truth as I see it, of staging something for effect, is deeply offensive to me and is an indication of what has happened here.

I submit Mr. Olberman is guilty of Hypocrisy In The First Degree.  The undeniable evidence is above – his own words.  This Liberal Wonk would NEVER apply the same standards to ANY CONSERVATIVE who challenged the veracity or authenticity of his rants.  Yet he somehow feels he is deserving of a different and more tolerant standard from his own Liberal weenie friends. Typical.

There’s part of me that thinks Daily Kos is actually better without him.  Or maybe worse?  Either way, Kos still suck ass.

Hey Keith, F.U. and good riddance.  Normally I’d say “go back to sports or something…” but frankly, you sucked there  too.


3 responses to “Keith Olberman Develops Male(?) PMS, Leaves Daily Kos

  1. Congrats, and well deserved! The snow ball is a rolling down hill, and all y’all best git out the way!

  2. Lipton T. Bagg

    Clifton’s site is great. He’s one of my daily reads.
    If you are not reading him, you should start – well worth the time.


  3. The DEMONCAT party is roasting.

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