Debbie Schlussel makes me feel so inadequate

And small. Anybody [ooops, link fixed] who is anybody has been attacked by that crazy woman.  Me? No way.  No cease and desist letters.  No trolling after any of my posts.  Silence, deafening silence.  You just know you are a non-entity when that batshit crazy bitch doesn’t even know you exist. 

See what I mean? Now this really hurts.  He’s so right. That’s why it hurts.


Is there a single prominent conservative that @debbieschlussel hasn’t falsely attacked? I have a hard time thinking of one.less than a minute ago via HootSuiteInfidels Are Cool


“Emily Zanotti is a goddess. I don’t know who she is, but I love her.  She is wonderful. Emily Zanotti, Emily Zanotti, EMILY ZANOTTI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come on google, pick up on the name Emily Zanotti!  Google don’t fail me now!

Lord knows I’ve tried to insult her and to goad her into attacking me.  See, e.g., “Debbie Schlussel = Yiddish for ‘Dumb Bitch’” and “Sean Hannity’s ‘Freedom Alliance’ a scam? No, apparently Debbie Schlussel is just BATSHIT CRAZY!”   Her silence is deafening.  It is proof positive that this blog is a little, no account blog that is a spec on the ass of a flea on a hair on a bull elephant’s testicle in the blogosphere.  And it really, really bugs me that I can’t piss off that crazy bitch.

Makes me think of the old song, “We take all kinda pills to give us all kinds of thrills, but the thrill we’ll never know, is the thrill that’ll hit ya when you get a cease and desist from that looney Debbie Schlussel… ”

I know people like Debbie.   I understand them.  And I, in a perverse way, love tangling with them. I’m just crazy enough to take her on.  Hell, I’d enjoy it.  I want your attention.  I would covet your crazy attacks.  Come on, Ms. Lunatic, make my day. 

Love and kisses, John Doe

4 responses to “Debbie Schlussel makes me feel so inadequate

  1. That is my five-year-old’s FAVORITE SONG. He knows the whole thing by heart and we sing along damn near every time we drive somewhere. I am aware that some day I am going to have to explain “Cocaine Katie” and “teenage blue-eyed groupies who’ll do anything we say” but for now, it’s all good…

  2. Your son has impeccable taste, Sir!

    We used to sing that song in high school, except we were the hockey team trying to get on the cover of “The Reminder” which was our local weekly rag (hey, I lived in a small town).

  3. I commented on Debbie’s post about Pat Condell a couple of days ago, and she responded with a hateful and insulting personal attack on me.

    Here is what I wrote:

    “I don’t agree with everything Pat says. And I don’t have to in order to see some value in his work.

    Many of his videos are extremely useful in cutting through the smoke and mirrors of the politically correct Islamic appeasers.

    I promote those of his videos which enlighten people on creeping sharia law, Islamic violence and plans for domination over infidels. Those are by far the more widely publicized (and most current) of his videos.

    I do not consider him an anti-semite, but rather a promoter of freedom of and freedom from religion. He may not be an expert (or correct, for that matter) about Judaism and Middle East affairs, but he has an excellent grasp on the immediate danger that is being posed to free society by Islam, and an effective method of spreading the word.”

    Here is Debbie’s (public) response:

    “L: Wow, you’re pathetic. And an idiot. I don’t give a crap whether you consider him an anti-Semite. He is one. Translation of what you wrote: I like an anti-Semite and liar because I like what he says on Islam. You in 1940: I like the Nazis because, hey, they make the trains run on time. Sickening. The danger isn’t just Islam. It’s complete dummies like you. DS”

    If you want to see it on her website, my comment about Pat Condell is the 8th comment down, and Debbie’s personal diatribe directly follows in bold.

    I tried to clarify with a further comment, but she removed it!

    This was my follow-up comment, by the way, which was removed:

    “I promote him because he is intelligent, articulate and somewhat entertaining. And that makes him effective in the fight against Islam.

    Individuals can pick and choose which of others’ opinions they agree with. This is what we call critical thinking. Some people are allies; others are merely useful. An intelligent person can tell the difference.”

  4. Well Laurie here we don’t attack people based solely on what they say, and we don’t remove people’s comments just because they disagree with us. Glad you found us, hope you hang out here more often.

    p.s. Debbie S. is a royal bitch.

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