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Your Daily Dose of laughter (via The Daley Gator)

At least the Republicans and conservative voters in my state know who and why they’re voting for someone.


Jon Stewart has fun with Alvin Greene South Carolina and the Democrats claim of GOP plants! Right Scoop has the clip. Funny stuff! … Read More

via The Daley Gator

National Park Off Limits to Americans!

WTF!!…Seems like a road trip is neccessary. Aint been to Arizona in a long time. Might have to do some “target” shooting.


H/T Daley Gator

President Obama and my little leaguer

Watching President Obama flounder must be for blacks what watching my son play little league was like for me.  My son was puny and small and young, and almost always got stuck with kids much bigger than he was.  I knew he was good, but he lacked confidence and physicality.   Alas, he lost heart and gave up before he grew into the marvelous adult body that God (and genetics) gave him. 

I cringed when he struck out.  I felt terrible for him when he muffed an easy grounder or when the sun got in his eyes and caused him to miss an easy pop fly.   I knew he could do it.  I wanted him to be able to do it much more fiercely than he ever did.    His coaches lost confidence in him, and only played him the bare minimum.  Towards the end, I could hardly bear to watch.  I was relieved when he quit.  It was a waste of our time to go watch other children play ball. 

I’m sure that is somewhat how blacks feel watching Obama sleep-walk through his one and only term.  They want so badly for “the first black President” to succeed.   Imagine if some of the first black quarterbacks had not been Doug Williams, Donovan McNabb, Randall Cunningham and Warren Moon, but instead were the equivalent of black Ryan Leaf or Heath Shuler or Tim Couch.  Or imagine if the first black baseball player was not Jackie Robinson but some utility infielder with a career batting average of .197. 

People really used to believe that blacks were not up to playing quarterback, that they either lacked the intelligence or that white players would not allow themselves to be led by blacks.  I really don’t remember the reasons, but the thoughts existed well into the 70s.   I am old enough to remember the doubts being expressed, but thankfully I was not old enough to even question whether blacks would make good quarterbacks.  As a jock myself, I saw what superb athletes many blacks are, and it never entered my mind that they could not become great quarterbacks. Continue reading

When you’ve lost Jon Stewart…

Ruh Roh Rastro!  One great point he made:  Liberals got their panties all twisted in knots when G. W. Bush–gasp–authorized agents to listen in to phone conversations of American citizens without a warrant.   Now?  Dead silence as Obama has authorized the killing of an American citizen.   The hypocrisy of those people is boundless.

Katy Perry

This is NOT an official Rule 5 post.  Katy’s been done before by other Rule 5ers.  This is just a random Katy Perry dump.  Enjoy.

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Proof that they have adolescents in Russia too

Graffiti artists vandals painted a giant dick on a drawbridge.

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This is an outrage!

Banning orange miniskirts at World Cup events!  Another reason why Americans hate soccer…