We approve of this new method of doing situps

From TotalProSports, a little afternoon diverzzzzzzion

15 responses to “We approve of this new method of doing situps

  1. Robert! Great to see you around, I thought you had left us.

  2. I am a proud subscriber, Maestro Doe. I’ve just been lurking waiting for the right time to pounce, and this was IT. 🙂

  3. Bwaahaahaa! I’ve been called many things, but Maestro Doe ain’t one of them. Is that some sort of sexual pervert!!?? 😉

  4. Heh, HEH. not that kind of “Master.” Just a term of respect, it’s what we called the conductor in the orchestra…anyway, THIS is perverted: Caught on Tape: Bedroom Dialogue Between Al Gore and Laurie David

  5. Dayam!!!…if I look at that little movie for about five more minutes, I might be able to pop this kidney stone out. 😉

  6. is it just me? i can’t thinkof any issue upon which thatmrmike guy andi disagree….

    • Oh Johnney… me boye…

      Is yer state of incomprehension…
      Related in any way to yer state of incomprehension…?

      Jimbo dah really olde geezer sends…

      All me blessings…
      Olde soldier sends…!

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  8. I knew I liked this blog for some reason or another. Now I know it’s because of the fitness tips!

    • mnrobot…

      Was this yer first time, here…


      I’m the “nutroot” here and mostly, these jerkbah’s are “wingnuts”…

      Are you fer Raul Paul…

      Have some fun…!


  9. Lipton T. Bagg

    I bet that woman could pop a man’s head like a pimple with them legs.

    But what a way to go!!!


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  11. The Aussi Special Air Service had a word fer it…!


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