Boycott the NRA!

I have not been a member of the National Rifle Association in years.  At the time I did not renew my membership because they seemed too extreme.  I agreed with their agenda 100% but they seemed too strident, too in your face, too much of a one trick pony.  Now it appears that over the years while I’ve not had my eyes on them they have become instead of too extreme, they have become too moderate.  Instead of standing up for all our rights, they are only concerned with standing up for their own rights, and are willing to allow any of their competition to be eliminated. 

Kudos to Eric Ericson of Redstate  for pointing out that the NRA is willing to withdraw any active opposition to Democratic attempts to overturn the decision of  Citizens United so long as the NRA is grandfathered in and exempt from any new laws. 

What kind of principle allows one to not oppose legislation so long as it does applies only to others and does not apply to oneself?  Rep. Heath “The Dupe” Shuler, D-NC, apparently sees no problem in protecting organizations that support him.  Not only was he a shitty quarterback, he’s a shitty representative.  

Ohhhh, but the N.R.A. is not actually supporting the proposed legislation, so it is alright, huh?  The old “I’m officially neutral on them infringing on your rights, because the new legislation does not infringe upon my rights” routine, eh?   But hey, when they come for my rights later, you’ll stand up with me when they try to take mine away, won’t you?  You betcha…

John Doe

3 responses to “Boycott the NRA!

  1. i will boycott nra because they are backing harry reid

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