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New evidence of over the top extremism: suggesting that Pres. Obama is a racist

Name me one, single, solitary white Republican ever who has never been called a racist.  It’s like the word nigger to a black person.  If they say that they have not been called that name then they are lying, or senile.  I’ve been called a racist so many times I thought that was my middle name.  I’ve wondered if I have a sign taped to the back of my suit.  R-A-A-A-C-I-S-T!  It’s the first word a conservative hears when they start winning an argument with a liberal.  It’s the last thing they read after the liberal hits and runs in response to an argument on a blog. 

Let’s face it.  It’s no longer hip or trendy to call Republicans racist.  It would be hip or trendy for some pimply faced red diaper baby to make the case that not all Republicans are racists.  To make the claim that surely, somewhere out there exists a white Republican who deep in his or her core is not a complete and utter raaaaacist!  Calling Republicans “raaaaacists” is as common as tits at a “Hooters” restaurant.  We know it, we are used to it.  It goes with the territory. 

But I did not know that actually pointing out real instances of apparent raaaaacism, where a person actually seems to treat people of different colors differently based solely upon the color of their skin, is actually “extremism” when it is directed at President Obama.

Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, merely gave his opinion.  Per Yahoo News, this called Democrats to denounce him as an extremist.  Here is part of what he said:  

“I’m offended by Eric Holder and the president also, their posture,” said King, 61. “It looks like Eric Holder said that white people in America are cowards when it comes to race.”

“King continued: “The president has demonstrated that he has a default mechanism in him that breaks down the side of race on the side that favors the black person in the case of professor Gates and officer Crowley.”

Ummm, not to mention calling his grandmother a “typical white person” who was afraid of blacks.  Not to mention dismissing any charges against the Black Panthers for voter intimidation. 

I personally have little doubt that Obama is a racist.  I don’t resent it.  I’m used to it.  Most black people are racist.  It can be argued that they were forced to become racists, to stick up for each other out of an effort to overcome white racism.  I wish we could just forget the past and all get over our racism.  But it is not going to happen, especially when so many blacks my own age have experienced severe, cruel and even state sponsored racism. 

What pisses me off is that even mentioning evidence that appears to indicate that he is a racist gets branded as “over-the-top extremism.”  It’s the galling double-standard that burns all the way down.  Liberals don’t need no stinkin’ evidence–they just pass out the label as though it were free condoms at the local junior high school. 

Apparently Rep. King misquoted Eric Holder.  Holder did not say whites are cowards, he said we are a “nation of cowards” when it comes to talking about race.    Fine, castigate him for being incorrect on the facts, just do not call it over-the-top extremism.   

I stand with that “over the top extremist!”  Rep. King, you are exactly correct Sir!  

John Doe

Sixty-Four Days In a Row!

Let's have a party!

From March 30–June 2nd, 2010 Smash Mouth had at least one new post per day (usually many more).  I invited Lipton and ThatMrGuy to help beef up the number of posts and generally add a much needed dose of common sense, civility and testosterone to the joint.  I was tired of all the days when I was too busy or too tired, or just plain un-motivated.  I got even more than I bargained for! 

Hats off to you two gentleman, and thanks for all your hard work.  It sure is a lot more fun blogging with friends than trying to make a go of it all alone.

We approve of this new method of doing situps

From TotalProSports, a little afternoon diverzzzzzzion

My first thought when I saw this photo of Smitty

Smitteus Cesar?

Please tell me that I am not the only one who thought he looked "Imperial"

Heck, take off the tee shirt and slip on a toga and Smitty could easily pass for a Roman Emperor.

Hail Smitty! 

Hail Cesar!

John Doe

p.s. No, I’m not brown nosing (not that there is anything wrong with brown nosing).  I’m not in the illustrius contest over which he has wisely been chosen to officiate.

Homosexual behavior: We’ve come a long way in a short period of time

In my lifetime homosexual behavior went from being considered illegal behavior that was caused by a mental illness to now being considered so normal that it is unconstitutional to outlaw such behavior.  Now, in Spain, it is apparently illegal to even consider it a mental disorder that can be “cured.”   From Breitbart:

An investigation has been opened into this clinic,” a spokeswoman for the regional government’s health department told AFP.

“We do not consider homosexuality as an illness, far from it.”

“She said the clinic could face fines if the month-long probe concludes that such treatments are being carried out.”

“A gays and lesbian rights association in Catalonia, the CGL, hailed the decision of the regional authorities.”

“It is totally unacceptable, in the 21st century, that health professional are trying to treat homosexuality,” CGL secretary general Antonio Guirado said in a statement. “You cannot treat something that is not an illness.

I don’t want to get into a big debate about whether or not homosexual behavior is caused by mental issues, or whether it can be “cured” (obviously it can be, in my opinion, if the person wishing to be “cured” really is motivated).  What strikes me is that those who claim that it isn’t abnormal won’t even permit those who hope that it can be “cured” to even try! 

I think Gramps was just to the right in this picture and got cropped out during editing. 😉

Imagine if we outlawed any attempts to cure oneself of smoking or drinking alcohol or other types of drug addictions.  Imagine if the reply was, “Sorry, there is nothing abnormal about such addictions, and we will “investigate” (and try to silence) anyone who attempts to “cure” such individuals of their physical behavior.  We don’t care if some individuals do want to be cured of such behavior.  Their wanting a cure suggests that we engage in behavior that needs to be “cured.”  That makes us uncomfortable.  We drunks and addicts do not want to feel uncomfortable.  Therefore, we demand that all other drunks and addicts refrain from attempting to be cured.   And those of you out there attempting to help cure them? Stop immediately, or you will be investigated!”

Whatever the “cause”  of homosexual behavior, nobody can deny that it is often accompanied by a destructive lifestyle (promiscuity, unprotected sex, etc.) that can lead to vastly increased risk of contracting diseases, some of which can kill.  Those who wish to escape such a lifestyle have should have the right to try.

[Damn! Gonna be late to the “Gay Pride” parade!










I am sensitive to those who have loved ones who are homosexuals and who do not wish to be classified as having a “curable disease.”  But what about those who have loved ones who would dearly love to be “cured” of what they believe to be their destructive behavior?  What about their rights?

At worst, the attempts to “cure” them of their behavior fail, and they are out some time and money.   At best, some will be “cured” and will with help and prayer refrain from such behavior.  The fact that not all are “cured” is not an argument to outlaw such attempts.  Otherwise, Alcoholics Anonymous and every drug rehab joint in the world should be shut down. 

This is about freedom of choice.  And it illustrates how Gestapo-like those on the left are that they will not even allow contrasting ideas to be explored without efforts to “investigate” those who promote such ideas.  If that does not scare the bejesus out of you, then you aren’t thinking about it deeply enough.

John Doe

Top ranking Republican elected official admits that tax cuts do not stimulate economy

And that welfare should be protected as a God-given right of all Americans.  And that European-style socialism is a better system of government than the “free enterprise” and laissez-faire system that has evolved here in the states.  And he admits a fondness for the affection of pre-pubescent boys. 

You would hear the news of such revelations trumpeted from every newspaper and television show in the world.  Every liberal blogger would spend days on end sitting in their soiled undies while doing everything in their power to get the message out. 

But when a top official with the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change admitted yesterday that there never was agreement on global warming and that only a few dozen scientists actually believed it, did you even hear it?  Yawn. Nothing to see here.  Move along. 

Thank God for the likes of Doug Ross for linking me to  thegatewaypundit, and for him to link to TheNationalPost, which reported on the story.  For Gawd’s sake, TheNationalPost?  This should have been THE STORY yesterday, not something relegated to the TheNationalPost.   Where is the outrage? Where is the indignation?  The bastards lied to us!

John Doe

Boycott the NRA!

I have not been a member of the National Rifle Association in years.  At the time I did not renew my membership because they seemed too extreme.  I agreed with their agenda 100% but they seemed too strident, too in your face, too much of a one trick pony.  Now it appears that over the years while I’ve not had my eyes on them they have become instead of too extreme, they have become too moderate.  Instead of standing up for all our rights, they are only concerned with standing up for their own rights, and are willing to allow any of their competition to be eliminated. 

Kudos to Eric Ericson of Redstate  for pointing out that the NRA is willing to withdraw any active opposition to Democratic attempts to overturn the decision of  Citizens United so long as the NRA is grandfathered in and exempt from any new laws. 

What kind of principle allows one to not oppose legislation so long as it does applies only to others and does not apply to oneself?  Rep. Heath “The Dupe” Shuler, D-NC, apparently sees no problem in protecting organizations that support him.  Not only was he a shitty quarterback, he’s a shitty representative.  

Ohhhh, but the N.R.A. is not actually supporting the proposed legislation, so it is alright, huh?  The old “I’m officially neutral on them infringing on your rights, because the new legislation does not infringe upon my rights” routine, eh?   But hey, when they come for my rights later, you’ll stand up with me when they try to take mine away, won’t you?  You betcha…

John Doe

President Obama’s speech leaked to media!

In a Smash Mouth Politics exclusive, an entire text (with original edits) of the President’s speech for tonight has been leaked to John Doe! The notes within the brackets appear to be instructions from the speech writer(s).  This is completely unedited by me–this is the real deal that Obama will be reading from tonight!   Apparently, some of the words that have been struck through have been edited, although yours truly does not know whether by the speech writer or the president’s policy wonks.


Ladies and gentlemen, the President of the United States! 

[Wait for applause to die down.  Look solemn and serious.  Use that look where you furrow your brow and tilt your head down, so we barely see  your eyes.  Just when the applause is almost dead, hold up your hand as though you are trying to cut it off because you are impatient to start.]

I am here to discuss the gulf oil spill.  Americans want to know what my administration is doing about a problem that my administration did not cause.  I am here to explain how it is George W. Bush’s fault, and BP’s fault, and all those who screamed “Drill, baby, drill” ‘s fault.  [Nod in acknowledgement of cheers from Kos Kids bussed in for audience neutral supporters.]

But first I’d like to give a shout out to Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit.  Yes, my Moslem brother, I did acknowledge that I am still a Muslim, the son of a Muslim father, the stepson of Muslim stepfather, that his half brothers in Kenya are Muslims, and that he was sympathetic towards the Muslim agenda.

Not only am I the first “black” President, I am the first Muslim President.  But I still cannot work miracles. 

As I said before, the reason we are in this mess is because of my predecessor, George W. Bush.  He allowed inspectors to slack off.  He put his pro-Big Oil cronies in positions of power.  I tried to get them all fired once I was elected.  Some still hung around. It’s his fault. 

And it is BP’s fault.  Their greed caused them to ignore safety procedures.  Their love of profit caused them to ignore the safety of their workers.  Their desire for filthy lucre overwhelmed any concern for the environment.  So I’m looking to kick their ass.  Continue reading