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Alvin Greene to Run Against Demint in SC Senatorial Race

Who’d a thunk it? A No Where Man who doesn’t campaign, doesn’t raise any money, just gets his name put on the ballot in the South Carolina Democratic Primaries. ( Of course there’s some question as to where he came up with the “vig” to get his name on the ballot.) Yet with all that, somehow he came up with 60% of the vote.

As Jazz Shaw writes over on Pajamas Media;

If we learned nothing else from the 2010 South Carolina Senate primary race, it’s that democracy in action is an awesome thing to observe.

As some regular readers are already aware, I’ve been involved in running a congressional campaign out in New York state. And I have to tell you, it’s a lot of work. There are petitions to file, phone banks to organize, door-to-door walks to coordinate, and endless hours of activities related to fundraising. There are many days where members of the staff are fortunate if they get five hours of sleep. And still we face a steep hill to climb in our race.

Who knew that we were doing it entirely wrong?

Wrong indeed. And about Mr. Greene’s claim of being a veteran;

Alvin also found a way to put a new spin on a tried and true political theme. He’s a veteran! But unlike many candidates who either rely on their DD-214 and a nominal record or service, or embellish their military bona fides with tales of awards not earned, Greene had himself kicked out of the military on grounds which he described as “things just not working.”

Speaking as a veteran myself, I have to say that I’ve never heard of that clause in the Uniform Code of Military Justice. It was simple … elegant… brilliant. I hadn’t heard of that one either.

Man, I hate to say it, but some of the Democratic voters in my state, South Carolina, are the least informed people in the country and that’s saying something what with Rangell looking to easily keep his seat in NY, Pelosi the witch from CA with the perpetual botox smile probably keeping her seat…I dunno…we’re in trouble folks.

Some commenters on this post over at PM have some interesting takes on the situation.

I personally like the one where a person has to be a property owner or at least have served in the armed forces…have a stake…in order to be able to cast a vote. If history serves me, that’s the way the original BOR was written.

Yeah yeah…I’m a raaaaaist!…I’ll just get that out of the way right now. 😉


Flag Day 2010

Some Flag Day Love for the Smash Mouth minions…


Urkle does “kick ass”

h/t Moonbattery, via TheDaleyGator!

"I'm lookin for a little ass to kick!!"

Student misses rare opportunity to LEGALLY punch Congressman in mouth

I have a rule in life (just now adopted) that if ever given an opportunity to legally punch a U.S. Congressman in the mouth, I will jump at it and suffer the consequences later. 

See Youtube videos “Congressman Bob Ethridge (D-NC) Assaults Student on Washington Sidewalk.”  By the way, he did not “assault” the student, he committed a battery on him.  I know, the lay person understanding is that he assaulted the student.  We use the phrase “assault and battery” to mean the same thing. But an assault is to put the person in imminent fear of being harmed, while a battery is any unauthorized touching of another person.  To pull your arm back with cocked fist and threaten to punch someone is an assault.  To actually  hit them is a battery. 

It is unlawful to intentionally touch another person without a lawful excuse.  The student had the right while the Congressman held his hand, and later held him behind his head, to defend himself.  I don’t blame the kid for not punching the Congressman–I would not have done so either when I was that age.  But by God, if it happened after today I sure as  hell hope that I will.  If that imperial sounding attitude does not make your blood boil when he says “Who are you?” then you have some serious issues that need to be dealt with.  

Who are you?!! Bap.  Youtube video should instead be titled “Congressman decked with stiff straight overhand left to his jaw.”  Millions would now be cheering, and also likely scrambling to raise money for the student’s defense fund. 

John Doe

“A shrink asks: What is wrong with Obama?”

I’ve made no secret of my admiration for the writings of “Robin of Berkeley;”  therefore, I believe I have earned the chops to claim that she is over-thinking this one–as those in the profession of psychoanalysis are prone to do.  “A shrink asks: What is wrong with Obama?” 

I am pathetically uneducated about the workings of the mind.  Don’t wanna know.  Don’t want anybody searching through the deep recesses of my personality quirks and moral failings. I base my opinions of people on what they do. 

I don’t care why people do what they do.  Keeps things simple.  Don’t care why you tortured the cat, only that you did it.  Don’t give you “understanding” or “empathy” for being a child-abuser, only disdain. I’m just as hard on myself if that earns me any points with you liberals.

In the end though Robin of Berkeley comes to the right conclusion: 

“Let’s return now to my original question: “What is wrong with Obama? My guess is a great deal. The answer is complex and likely includes some combination of the above.”  She suspects many potential psychological problems, and most of them caused by his early upbringing in a family with a distant mother who abandoned him to the care of a crazy grandfather and a pedophile communist mentor.  Me, I don’t care what the causes are. 
My conclusion is much simpler.  Why does he seem so unprepared and out of his league?  Because he is. Why does he do and say strange things? Because he does not have a clue what is appropriate.  He is acting, grasping out of futility for the appropriate things to say and do.  He is an empty suit. 
He is the embodiment of the Peter Principle.  He was promoted beyond the level of his competency.  I have no doubt that he could have been a good lawyer. It does not take much competence to be a law professor.  How hard can it be to fulfill the duties of “Community Organizer?” 
But imagine if he applied for the job of C.E.O. of any medium-sized company.  What experience do you have, kid?  Why should we trust our $100,000,000 enterprize to your leadership?  To ask the questions makes the answers obvious.  Nobody in their right mind would hire him.  Continue reading