Observations From The Polling Place

Hello once again everyone, LTB has returned from the combination of real-world responsibility and a bit of “under the weather” (only with no stones – that’s Mike’s department).

I’m still a bit busy but wanted to cross-post this since I found the polling place experience enriching and informative.  I hope you find it interesting as well.

This past Tuesday I had the honor to work polls for the first time ever.  It was an enriching, informative experience I believe everyone should have – inasmuch as successful and viable voting is the backbone of our way of government.  Without it, we would soon resemble a third-world country ruled by a narcissistic, racist, favoritist despot bent on his own self-edification at the expense of their populous.

Well, come to think of it….   Oh, never mind….

It was easy to see the frustration and angst in the voters by the questions they asked. If my (small) precinct was any indication of the overall mood of voters here in California and across the nation, I’m ecstatic.  By my observation it seems voters in California are finally grasping the abyss the state has plunged into and are willing to make profound changes.  From glancing over results across the nation, I’d surmise much the same (minus the horrible state of the state).

Some informal numbers to ponder:

* 18% of the voters sought to cross party lines to vote for candidates of different party affiliation than they currently have.

* 76% of those seeking to change party affiliation were Democrats seeking to vote for another party or requesting a non-partisan ballot.

* Of the small number of voters requesting assistance (such as those with visual problems or inability to use their hands well), every assisted person expressed some degree of disgust or disdain with the current state of government – regardless of party.

Of course, poll workers cannot – and should never – influence a voter.  And I believe we did an excellent job of assisting voters in a non-partisan manner.  Observation however cannot be ignored,  and the electorates profound dislike of “business as usual politics” was the 700-pound Gorilla in the middle of the polling place.

Best question from poll Tuesday: A little old lady (maybe 80-85) sitting at the handicapped electronic booth, she pulls her head out to ask me “Are there any REAL people on this (Democratic) ballot?

In my capacity, all I could do was smile.


4 responses to “Observations From The Polling Place

  1. Don’t know about everywhere else, but my polling place was strong on poll workers and weak on voters.

    • Lipton T. Bagg

      We had a good set of poll workers, including two high school students who were quite sharp.

      If they are an indication of our upcoming youth, we might be in better hands than we thought.


  2. LTB…

    Yah have figured it out…
    We ain’t gone to hell in a “hand basket”

    My beautiful granddaughter is a 4.o and forth in her class…and graduating Saturday…!

    There is truly hope…!

    • Lipton T. Bagg

      I agree Gramps, there is hope.

      Hope for a Conservative shift in November.

      Hope for a real President in 11/11.

      Hope that your beautiful granddaughter can work for (and enjoy the fruits of) her own exceptionalism; not to support failed and unsustainable Progressive policies.

      And Hope that our country will not be so badly trampled under foot by the current ” Colon-In-Chief” that she can (under the steady hand of competent leadership) regain her place in the world.

      If we miss the Hades in a Hermes Express it’s because of our youth – not because of what today’s failed leadership today has wrought.


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