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RealClearPolitics – Video – Jon Stewart: Obama “Has To Kick His Own Ass”

He found some ass to kick. On a related note…Halperin says Drudge’s headline; ” Obama goes Street…Seeking Ass To Kick” is a racist remark in an interview with Bill O’ Reilly.

RealClearPolitics – Video – Jon Stewart: Obama “Has To Kick His Own Ass”.


Observations From The Polling Place

Hello once again everyone, LTB has returned from the combination of real-world responsibility and a bit of “under the weather” (only with no stones – that’s Mike’s department).

I’m still a bit busy but wanted to cross-post this since I found the polling place experience enriching and informative.  I hope you find it interesting as well.

This past Tuesday I had the honor to work polls for the first time ever.  It was an enriching, informative experience I believe everyone should have – inasmuch as successful and viable voting is the backbone of our way of government.  Without it, we would soon resemble a third-world country ruled by a narcissistic, racist, favoritist despot bent on his own self-edification at the expense of their populous.

Well, come to think of it….   Oh, never mind….

It was easy to see the frustration and angst in the voters by the questions they asked. If my (small) precinct was any indication of the overall mood of voters here in California and across the nation, I’m ecstatic.  By my observation it seems voters in California are finally grasping the abyss the state has plunged into and are willing to make profound changes.  From glancing over results across the nation, I’d surmise much the same (minus the horrible state of the state).

Some informal numbers to ponder:

* 18% of the voters sought to cross party lines to vote for candidates of different party affiliation than they currently have.

* 76% of those seeking to change party affiliation were Democrats seeking to vote for another party or requesting a non-partisan ballot.

* Of the small number of voters requesting assistance (such as those with visual problems or inability to use their hands well), every assisted person expressed some degree of disgust or disdain with the current state of government – regardless of party.

Of course, poll workers cannot – and should never – influence a voter.  And I believe we did an excellent job of assisting voters in a non-partisan manner.  Observation however cannot be ignored,  and the electorates profound dislike of “business as usual politics” was the 700-pound Gorilla in the middle of the polling place.

Best question from poll Tuesday: A little old lady (maybe 80-85) sitting at the handicapped electronic booth, she pulls her head out to ask me “Are there any REAL people on this (Democratic) ballot?

In my capacity, all I could do was smile.


Day 4 and Day 5 of trial

Day 4 went terrible.  I was about to pack it in and merely show up with no effort for the rest of the trial. I mean, it was over.  I went to the plaintiff’s house, and met with her and her mom and dad.  They tried to keep a good front.  I half-heartedly tried to prepare client and her mom for direct examination.  Molly broke down half way through and ran upstairs where I heard her sobbing.  “We’re gonna lose” she said between sobs.  Loud, hysterical sobs.  Her family could not console her, and I could not do much more that night anyway.  I went back to my apartment and drank some tequila (for medicinal sleeping purposes only) and crashed. 

Slept from 11:30 pm — 4:30.  Got up and prepared for another hard day.  I almost did not notice the clock.  I grabbed most of my shit ran out the door, getting to court only 5 minutes before we were to begin. 

Day 5 of trial started out great!  The jury had to listen to a 2 1/2 hour audio-video of one of my experts.  My direct lasted 20 minutes.  For the next two hours they had to listen to the defense attorney asking the same dumbass questions over and over and over and over again.  (I had to fight to stay awake and in fact dozed off for a few seconds on more than one occasion.  But the bailiff had dimmed the lights so I don’t think the jury saw me.)  When we took the deposition over a year ago, it seemed as though it went poorly.  But listening to it yesterday in front of the jury, it sounded good. Our expert held up, and the defense attorney sounded like a blustering fool.

During a break my client Molly’s dad, who is also a lawyer, took she and I into a conference room and gave us a pep talk.  We are not dead yet was the gist of it.  Molly’s mom testified next. She did ok.  I started to have hope.  Then Molly testified.  I know her.  I had prepared her for many hours.  She was to be the star witness.  As she testified, I thought the wheels came off.  She started bawling, and I swear she seemed not to have any tears.  I was several feet away, but I thought it was fake.  I know she has been severely injured and her life altered permanently, but she might have screwed up our case if the jury thinks she was faking it.   

Her father used to be in the same law firm as me.  He and I worked together for 15 years.  I knew her slightly since she was 10 years old (26 now).  I told her not to exaggerate, but I think she did.  If she did, I think we are toast.  I went back to my room, got drunk slightly tipsy and crashed at 8:00 pm and woke up at 3:00 a.m.  That was the most sleep I’ve gotten since arriving here.

So I am right back where I was after day 3 of this roller-coaster ride of a trial.  Hopefully, it will all be over today, one way or another. I have to prepare my closing argument and a couple of cross-examinations, and then move out of my hotel room.  Trial can’t go over into tomorrow, I’m out of clean underwear and have no place to sleep tonight…

John nearly dead Doe