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US to unveil Palestinian aid package: Obama

Let’s see. We have a massive oil spill off our coast. We have high unemployment, We have a monstrous deficit. And the President want’s to give the Palestinians 400 million tax dollars. Just what the folks at Hamas need, money to buy more weapons with. Doesn’t Congress have to vote to appropriate money for foreign countries?

US to unveil Palestinian aid package: Obama.

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via US to unveil Palestinian aid package: Obama.

Democratic Propagandist Bawny Fwanks

Ol’ Barny Franks has no shame when he advocates subverting the Constitution like this. Give the Fed more authority my ass!



‘Harry Reid vs. Sharron Angle’

This ought to be an interesting race. We hope the voters of Nevada have been paying attention to what Harry Reid has been doing to our country and their state.

Also, it seems like Conservative women have done very well in the primaries. We need to get them elected. Then perhaps one of them can “bitch-slap” Pelosi. ;)

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