Daily Archives: June 8, 2010

Day 3 of Trial

Worked all weekend.  Bed at 11:00 pm.  Up at 3 am.  Still not prepared.  Too much for one man.  Up against entire firm. Client’s dad bitches me out just before trial starts. I tell him to F off.  I start to lose my vision with onset of migraine about an hour in. Somehow, it never becomes full-blown headache.  Vision clears.  Trial goes like crap.  End of day, dad is fine, and says this was our best day yet–says all his family agrees.  I doubt. It. Judge has nose so far up defense lawyer’s ass that I am embarrassed for him. 


Vending machine crackers my only sustenance all day until 10:30 Wendy’s Bacon Double Cheeseburger and “Value Fries” [$2.18].  But at least my one beer just before retiring was ice-cold.

Worked til 11:30 pm last night.  Wake up call at 4:15 this a.m. 

John nearly beat Doe

p.s.  To LTB and Mike I leave my blog.  To my dear wife I leave the dog.  To my poker buddies I leave my lucky hat.  To Gramps I leave the last inch of the Cuervos Especial Gold that is sitting on the window ledge.  That’s about all I own.  Goodbye world.