I’m So Stoned!..Update

Today is my wife’s birthday. Bless her heart, she’s 29 with several years experience. 😉  For her birthday today, I got her a nice flower arrangement and a visit to the hospital emergency room for me. Danged kidney stone again. And it was a cast-iron bitch. I felt like someone was stabbing me in the back and twisting the knife at the same time someone else was kicking me where I live, if ya catch my drift. After 10 mg’s of Morphine and 30 mg’s of Toredol at the hospital, I was feeling much better. Picked up my prescriptions and took some when we finally got home. One Percocet for pain and one Phenigren for nausea plus a Flomax to facilitate passing the stone, I hope.

So if I fall asleep, I hope you’ll excuse me……………………………………………..zzz

With help from my brother, we were trying to get some work done on the Wife’s little project, 16×20 building. I reckon I over extended myself. What with the heat and not drinking enough water, I had another attack. I’m talking stabbed in the back, kicked in the nuts, puking everything up but my nuts attack. I took a couple of my pain pills and had brother run me down to the VA hospital. They admitted me Fri. evening and finally let me out this afternoon. I’m black and blue from all the blood they took as well as feeling like a pin cushion what with all the morphine shots they gave me. I had C-T scan and ultrasound and they told me there’s a 90% chance I would pass it without surgery. I sure hope so, cause the alternative is a bitch, having been there and done that.

I will say this…I give kudos to the folks who work and volunteer at the VA hospitals. They do a thankless job and I for one am glad they do.

And now back to your regular scheduled programming.


9 responses to “I’m So Stoned!..Update

  1. Hang in there Iron Mike. It’s 12:27 and I have to wake up in less than three hours. Er, can you spare a bro some Percocet?

    • Sure buddy, but they don’t do nothin’ for ya. Just make ya befuddled and bemused as well as thirsty as a camel wandering the desert with no water in site. 😉

  2. Mike…stand strong. I know first hand what you’re going through. It’s the worst kind of pain there is. Hard to describe even. I feel for you.

  3. Thanks Rick. Seems like everything I like to eat causes the darn things. This is my third one in the last ten years.

  4. Today is my wife’s birthday. Bless her heart, she’s 29 with several years experience.

    tmg…did I miss somethin’ here… or did yah, just post that, she’s 29 years olde…

    Are yah tryin’ to rob the cradle…like Rush…?

    All the same tmg…
    You dah babe…

    • Lipton T. Bagg


      “…Are yah tryin’ to rob the cradle…like Rush….”

      Methinks better to rob the cradle than play “Uncle Ernie” and “fiddle about” on boys, like Eric Massa and Barney (I Love A Boy’s) Frank.

      Just sayin’

      • Hey LTB…

        What ever happened too…
        Different strokes fer different folks…!

        BTW: did you once question the contents of my Rucksack…?

  5. Evidently that went “Swoooosh!!!” right over yer head Gramps. Me dear wife is the cradle robber, by the way. 😉

    And what about an answer to my e-mail dammit


    • Back at yah, Mike..
      check yer mail…

      I’ve been almost as busy as JD and he’s forty years younger than yours’ truly

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