Obama And His Seven Dorks…

Thanks Odie – this is just toooo gooood to pass on!

2 responses to “Obama And His Seven Dorks…

  1. Dear Mr. Doe:

    We at Fortress Disney are not amused by your libelous comparison of White, Snow to that quisling Otero, Barry. We have invested considerable sums in the image and marketing of Miss White and find your comparisons damaging to both her virtue and our bottom line. As you are aware, we own the FBI and are fully prepared to use whatever means necessary to protect our intellectual property. If you do not remove all references to Miss White vis a vis The Chosen One forthwith, we will be forced to avail ourselves of options taught to us by the Khmer Rouge (those Commie pinheads work for pennies and draw number one cartoons).

    If you must use cartoon references in the future, we would suggest South Park or Warner Bros. , particularly the latter as they are too busy trying to sell Time-Life books to monitor your actions.

    • Lipton T. Bagg


      I posted the picture, and unless Walt unfreezes his bony ass and comes to me door with roses, it stays!

      With Frozen Disney Love:
      (Who knows Mom is one of the good ones, and speaks sarcasm fluently)

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