In His Own Words

My Granddaughter found this.


5 responses to “In His Own Words

  1. In posting this, you and your grand-daughter are apparently both of the white trailer-trash sub-culture which can’t accept a nigger as President. Hullo dinosaurs! There’s another comet heading your way!

  2. No you Moron, We can’t accept an arrogant Asshole as president, no matter his/her skin color.

  3. Then why the inner-city nigger parody, numb-nuts?

    • #1…Those are his own words.

      #2…He’s a politician, that makes him fair game, no matter his skin color.

      #3…We don’t use the word you’re so flippantly throwing around like it’s nothing.

      #4…It’s a friggin’ joke. Have a sense of humor. Don’t be so uptight. Get over it.

  4. Because:

    #1. Those aren’t ALL his own words. ( There’s a few voice-over types doing impersonations)

    #2 Agreed

    #3 You didn’t use it, but the clip explicitly implied it. Try coming up with another name for the tomatoes in your garden and explaining to your friends why you did so.

    #4 Agreed 🙂

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