USA should BAN government employee unions

This article should be required reading for every citizen. We are so close to the tipping point that it is not funny. 

Government employees, listen up.  You. Work. For us.  Pay not high enough? Benefits not up to your exacting standards?  Tough shit.  Get a job out in the real world if you do not like it.  If enough gummint workers quit and the services suffer, then WE, THE PEOPLE will raise wages to attract good people. It is up to us to set your salary, without having unions tell us what to do. They call it “civil service” for a reason.   Take back America.

John Doe

3 responses to “USA should BAN government employee unions

  1. It’s amazing what unions can do for you, aint it? Worker’s unions are socialist clubs. The idea of worker’s unions is a socialist invention. Think about it…the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

    A lot of folks are inured to the fact because for several decades, most jobs in the larger cities, manufacturing jobs, required union membership. For those membership dues, they’re guaranteed high wages and premium health care as well as generous pensions. Much like those folks in Greece and Europe. These people have been feeding from the trough for so long, they can’t survive any other way. When you tell them the trough is empty and they’re going to have to cut back, well, you’ll have riots and protests in the streets just like in Greece.

    Case in point is the UAW. Even though the auto companies were on the verge of bankruptcy, threatening their member’s livelihood, the unions wouldn’t and won’t budge. Now the unions are asking/telling this administration that they need a taxpayer’s bailout of their pension fund. WTF!!!

    The unions are giving us a “swirly” and I don’t like it. Neither should you.

  2. Civil servants. What an oxyMORON if there ever was one.

  3. Applause for Dave. He got one right. 😉

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