Things are Shaking Loose in Israel

First we have world condemnation because Israel wants to protect it’s citizens and keep weapons from being smuggled into Palestine for the Hamas terrorists. Then the Turkish government, supposed friends of Israel decide they’re not such good friends any more. Another flotilla leaves from Turkey and there was a rumor that the Prime Minister of Turkey was going along for the ride.

Next we have the Hag of the Hearst Newspapers, Helen Thomas equating Jews with Nazis and saying they should go back to Germany or Poland.

Next we have another supposed ally of Israel, Egypt saying that any Egyptian men married to Israelis will lose their citizenship.

Iran has had a declared fatwa against Israel for decades. Iran simply wants the complete and total destruction of Israel and all it’s people. Sounds like genocide to me.

Our “president”  and his administration have snubbed Israel and condemned their defensive actions.

People, don’t you know it’s our sworn duty as Christians and Americans to help Israel and protect their interests as our own? For if Israel falls, the rest of the world won’t be far behind.


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